Inferior of being short? Don't be...

April 20, 2012 12:24
Inferior of being short? Don't be...

Though our height matters a lot to our look, we can alter our height. It is a known fact we cannot grow tall after certain age. And this definitely not mean we do not look graceful as we are shorter… we can look modern, trendy and yet carry our attitude with pride irrespective of our height if we concentrate a bit on what are we wearing. Here are the guidelines for you;

If you have a fancy for skirts;
Mix n match can actually take you a long way. Petite ladies can easily carry off a high waisted skirt and look fuller.

Above the knee skirts are great for you, especially if your legs are shapely. A pencil skirt that ends just above or at the knee is a good choice for making you appear taller and slimmer, especially if you pair it with a top in a similar tone.

You can also wear long, straight skirts, which create a long visual line from waist to ankle and make you appear taller. You could wear shoes in the same color to further elongate the line.

Avoid anything that hits between the knee and the bottom of the calf, and also avoid very full skirt styles.

An A line skirt offers a pleasing silhouette with its basic, flowing shape. That flat front and gentle flared hem will look good on any petite frame shapes, from the slender to the plus size.

When wearing a skirt, make sure neither the skirt nor the top have loud prints all over. These prints can swallow up the petite body, even for the plus size women.

Or else;
Opt for floor length trousers that not only look good on a small body type, but also make your legs look noticeably longer.
A pair of heels will add to the look rather than flats. Trousers look best on you when worn with boots as there is a continuous sweep of length even through the footwear.

Make sure your clothes are well tailored and fit properly. Oversized T-shirts or tops coupled with trousers do not hide anything and instead make you look bloated and sloppy.

Jackets with princess seams also elongate the body and give definition to the waist. So short cropped jackets that swing or have princess seams are safe bets.

Don’t go for very large belts as they divide your body into two parts.

Avoid capris as they cut length and will make you look shorter.

Choose dresses that are monochromatic. Avoid dresses with strong color contrasts between the top and the bottom. Dresses that end at the knee or slightly above will work well for you. Avoid styles that end at the calf or just below.

V-necks are naturally flattering to petite women as they create the illusion of a long, lean neck.

Wrap dresses are a good option too as they have the built in V neck as well as the diagonal direction creates a waistline for women who aren’t blessed with small waists.

Stripes that travel the length of your dress or other interesting details that run the centre of your garment create a taller appearance. Avoid horizontal stripes.

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