Story Turned towards Ram Charan Tej?

Jun 23 ,2011 15:49 PM

RamcharanRacchaI have been listening from various different sources from quite a sometime now, that the flop of ‘Orange’, has effected Ram Charan Tej, big time. post ‘orange’, Charan does not posses that enthusiasm, that energy, in any of his public appearance. To play safe, Charan chose to act in a out and out mass subject, such as ‘Raccha’.

The film went on " locations, couple of days ago. Sampath Nandi of ‘Yemaindi Ee Veela’, fame is directing this flick. It seems, Ram Charan’s over protective attitude on the film to come out well, is actually showing the negative effect on the Director. Ram, who otherwise is known as a Director’s hero, is pressurizing the Director, and constantly asking him on the outcome of each and every single shot. Sampath is not comfortable of this kind of a behavior of Cherry, as it is affecting the Director’s own thoughts of making a scene.

Looks like, Ram Charan is so possessive about his career that, he does not even want a single mistake in his film, and want ‘Raccha’, to be a Hit. But, getting over the freedom of the Director? This is definitely not done Boss!

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