Time to be naughty and bunk the work

April 21, 2012 17:25
Time to be naughty and bunk the work

It is a Saturday and a party time today… but you are in a tiff as to how to just take another day off from work on Monday… with this thought in mind, you are not even able to spend your holidays properly… time to be naughty and to rub the creative side of yours for once in a wrong direction… here are some excuses to make if you want a day off from work…

Of course, remember this naughtiness of yours could just wake up once in a while and not frequently, for your Job to sustain…

Give a Reason

While it is often not helpful (and sometimes counterproductive) to go into graphic detail when you are calling in sick to work, it’s actually almost required when you are asking for time away from work. Why is this? When asking for time off you’ll be doing it in person. When you call in sick, you are nothing but a disembodied voice on the other end of the line.

This is why it’s important to come prepared with a reason. (notice that I didn’t say that it’s important to come prepared with the reason – the truth isn’t necessary!)

Asking for time off without a reason prepared is like going to the golf course with a bunch of tennis balls. You aren’t shooting par today.

But what should your reason be? Here are some good ones:

•    I’m going to be on vacation in (random cool-sounding location)

•    I’m getting my (body part) replaced.

•    I have a doctor/dental appointment (note: use this if you only need a few hours off)

•    I have an all-day business seminar to attend. (Note: if you use this reason, it better be true – there is a chance the boss could look this one up.)

•    My (family member) died and I’m going to the funeral (Note: this reason also should be true. You don’t want to say “my father passed away” more than once, or you’ll arouse suspicion, to say the least!)

And, here are some bad reasons:

•    I’m going to be sick

•    My (family pet) died

•    I’m stressed and need a day off

•    I have an interview with another company

You don’t need to tell the whole truth, but you should always give your boss a reason that you are taking time off, and you should be completely prepared to answer questions your boss might ask about that reason. He may be curious!

Also, try to ask toward the end of the day. Psychologically, if your boss has the entire day of work in front of him, he’s not going to be feeling as good about losing one of his employees for x amount of time in the not-so-distant future. However, if you catch him on a Friday evening right as he is about to walk out the door, go home, and spend time baking cookies with his family and watching reruns of Miami Vice he might give you a breezy, “sure, no problem” when you ask.

One more thing: don’t ask for time off when he is very busy. If he looks agitated or has been on the phone with angry customers all day, it’s best to wait.

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