Marketing, a funda for ‘life’!

December 21, 2011 16:40
Marketing, a funda for ‘life’!

You might be a Software professional or a Human Resource expert or in a teaching professional or a Marketing professional as well. Marketing your positives and proving how you are different from others, that too in the organization you are working has become the major asset for the growth of your career.

You might have come across certain set of people who just wait to create a situation to talk about their achievements, mind set and why they are so special (well, they think so), in your organization. This we call as ‘miss sell’ in a proper Marketing terminology. Marketing yourself does only mean, you taking the first step and letting the organization recognize your work and strengths, which would fetch and make you prove different from others. So, even before you think of marketing your achievements, just be careful on let not this be a barrier to your career.

Now, you are an Employee just like thousands or at least hundreds of other employees who are doing their best in their given profile. But, there would be some quality that makes you stand special among the rest of the crowd. Be it extra ordinary communication skills, diction, presentation capability, delivering timely output, handling last moment work pressure and tensions, handling the queries of the client with an ease, capable in multi-tasking or whatever it might be. Just concentrate on that major outstanding quality of yours speak first. Every day is a surprise for you so there would be no limit for the situations that arise where you can prove your worth over and again. So, just don’t wait to grab that situation and make the complete use of it in your favor.

Never hesitate to take up that ‘extra’ work when it actually requires someone to come forward and take the initiative to do it. be smart enough while accepting to do the same, so that others especially your superiors should have a knowledge it is you who have taken the initiative and handled the work.

It is not just work and you, you should also involve yourself in training the new joiners, giving a valuable suggestions during the team meetings,  chilling out utmost during the team outings, being an active participant during all those Annual or Company days and yet all these not affecting your work in any negative.

Though it is a known fact, in a hurry of giving a faster output, we do not even bother to listen and understand the work handed over to us, completely. We tend to complete the work, putting whatever knowledge we possess and many times end up doing half work. So, listen and understand the nature of the work and get complete clarity on how it can be handled. A work done with cent percent knowledge on it would definitely can’t be wrong.

Just do not wait for the opportunities, instead grab them. Market your capabilities, strengths to grow in the Organization you are working and let your weakness turn to be the stepping stones for the success in your life.

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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