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  • Is 34 the new erotic peak for women?

    Aug :28 |   When a woman is happy, the whole family is happy. We have heard this phrase many times in our lifetime. For the better halves to give the best to their women, a knowledge of 'when' is quite important. According to research, the ladies are most comfo... [Read more...]

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  • Simple technics to keep your body fit and healthy

    Apr :14 |   Being healthy is something everybody wants. Was wondering if there is a magic wand.. whooosh, I am slim, fit and healthy. Well thats a nice imagination, but is there a way or maybe an easier way to turn healhty. This definitely takes time. Need some ... [Read more...]

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  • Know the unanswered!

    Apr :09 |   Past six months of my life are a hell and what more it could be? Things were not at all going well at Office… Manager has become a disaster to my life… I am constantly in a thought that I am being targeted… My continuous efforts to set thin... [Read more...]

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  • Tone your body, Right!

    Apr :05 |   Right shape, right personality and right attitude, in short these can be catered as the perfect definitions for a perfect beauty… not only getting in shape, it also important for you to tone your body accordingly. Here are some tips that can help y... [Read more...]

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  • Slight difference could make a major change!

    Mar :23 |   For certain things, on doing or not doing them, as to how to execute them, how to make those work or not and about the entire plan or structure as such, we would be much sure about the same. And we would not appreciate others even letting out their o... [Read more...]

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  • Size and trend do go hand in hand…

    Feb :03 |   You cannot reduce all that extra weight in a day or two… but definitely can look trendy despite of your plum weight for that hep party… all this is dress kajaadu… to know, have a look; For starters, it's good to cultivate an awareness concerni... [Read more...]

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  • The Art of ‘letting go off’…

    Jan :27 |   It is not so very easy to ‘let go off things’ when it comes to handling any real time situation.. because, life is not just all those that is in books or some gyaan sessions, but it involves lot more emotions and each individual thought process t... [Read more...]

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  • Job Stress and Your Health

    Jan :23 |   Many people will state that the number one source of stress in their lives is their job. There are varying degrees of job related stress but the majority will say they experience high levels of stress several times a week and one in four people have ... [Read more...]

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  • Reasons for not to pity yourself!

    Jan :23 |   Basic mind set of you and me… whatever goes wrong with us, for what so ever reason we are upset, we ‘pity’ ourselves. Though till certain point of time it gives us self-satisfaction, after one point when behavior becomes a habit and then a rout... [Read more...]

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  • Live your dream for a better life!

    Jan :20 |   Living life is and art… could be our situations or certain UN avoidable responsibilities, we just accept and adjust our life according to the situation. But, for sure there would come some point in almost every one of our lives, were we desire to l... [Read more...]

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