Look beautiful… irrespective of the season!

March 30, 2012 16:10
Look beautiful… irrespective of the season!

Be it summer or winter or rainy season, irrespective of the atmosphere you want to look your best every day. Then find out how to retain the moisture on your skin, irrespective of the season;

Skin care producers always inform you that you had better use facial masks less than 3 times a week. But DIY moisturizing mask will help you. You need a tablet of paper mask, which can always be found in supermarkets or pharmacy, and mineral water. Put the wet paper mask on your face and remove it after 15minutes. It’s the easiest way to refresh your skin and it’s the cheapest facial mask that really helps.

If you sit in front of a computer for 8 or more hours a day; If you frequently fly to another city; If you take a job that requires out-door work for hours everyday; then do care for your skin! Take a bottle of facial spray with you; 50ml bottle would be fine and easy to take. Spray your skin every 3~6 hours. Remember to dry your skin 15 seconds after you spray it because after that the moisture in your skin will go with the wind when the spray evaporates.

Everyday, eight cups of Water: Yes! Not only your skin but your body need water indeed! According to scientific researches, 6~8 cups of water should be drunk everyday to keep us healthy. Increase your body’s natural moisture level by staying hydrated throughout the day, you will be healthy and your skin will benefit from this.

Watering your skin is quite important but it’s not the only thing. Without appropriate cream or lotion, your skin will quickly turn dry even though you spend a lot of time on watering it. Try some aloe vera gel after applying your facial mist, and don’t forget to choose the right moisture cream for you. Combine these two products; the moisture can be perfectly sealed in your skin.

Do you have the habit of enjoying bathing for hours or showering in hot water in winter? Then you will probably feel your dry leg skin after your enjoyable hot bath. Don’t take long, hot baths because this can exacerbate dry skin especially in the winter months. When you get out of the shower, gently pat dry your skin and then moisturize right away. Olive oil will help with your dry skin and shower in cold water before you finish can help to lift your skin.

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