A perfect yet complementing hair style for you

April 28, 2012 11:26
A perfect yet complementing hair style for you

Here are the two most wanted hair styles of this season... you can experiment not only with your look, but also with these two hair styles that are suited for all face types and all kinds of clothing;

One-shoulder wave

Will you go left, or will you go right ? Take a cue from celebs like Priyanka Chopra, SonamKapoor, Penelope Cruz and Katrina Kaif who demonstrate the flirty one shoulder waves look, for us. The best part: it’s doable, no matter what your length. We got you the details on how you can the look in three easy steps.

Blow-dry hair upside down, then flip back and blow-dry some more while using a round brush to get the smoothness. To give this look a boost, part hair in the direction opposite to the way you want it to lie, suggests Kristin Ess, Whitney Port’s hairstylist.

Next, curl hair in one-inch sections, advises Jamal Hammadi, who gave Selena Gomez the gorgeous waves. If yours is shoulder-length or longer, opt for a one-inch-barrel curling iron (smaller if your hair is shorter).Starting midway down each section, wind hair around the iron.

Tease the crown to keep the top from looking flat. To finish, swing it all over one shoulder, and use hairspray. Don’t worry about being too precise, adds Hammadi, “Imperfection makes it sexy.”

Get beach waves
A perennial celeb favourite, beachywaves is just the hairstyle for a humid summer day, no matter what the length or texture of your hair. If you are sporting a short bob, look to Miley Cyrus who has her new short hair styled perfectly for a day at the ocean. For shoulder length hair, make Julia Roberts your hair idol. For long hair, Indian actors Katrina Kaif and DiaMirza make quite the case for going the wavy route this summer.

Here is how you can get this relaxed hair-do in four easy steps.

Spritz: To add all over volume and texture, mist a salt or beach spray onto clean, towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Be sure to lift sections all spritz all over; your hair should be evenly saturated.

Dry: Part your hair, then blow it dry while gently raking your fingers through it. Hold your head straight with the nozzle pointing directly down to avoid stirring up tangles and frizz.

Curl: Hold a one-inch curling iron vertically and wrap random sections around the barrel. Don’t use the clamp, and leave out the last inch or so of hair. Release after a few seconds and tug on the ends to loosen the wave.

Define: To make the ends look piecey not frizzy, define them with wax. This will also keep the bottom of your hair from looking too dense. Use it sparingly though. The key, no matter what your hair texture is to keep it carefree.

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