Men and Women

Apr 02 ,2012 18:18 PM

1.A woman asks a man to water her plants while she is on vacation. The man waters the plants. The woman comes home five or six days later to an apartment full of dead plants. No one knows why this happens

2.Welcome to the Men "Versus" Women Joke Page. The Battle of the Sexes is alive and kicking these days and this category tends to add to the friendly battle. We all know that Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus and that we will never understand each other. These differences and misunderstandings are humorous to poke fun at.
The MJB's are far from a sexist organization and prefer mixed company to one sex or the other. If any of the jokes are offensive to you, please understand that by publishing the joke, the Webmaster is making no statement about personal beliefs and is just acting as a reporter or parrot.

3.A guy goes into a costume shop. He says, "I'm going to a costume party, I want to go as Adam." The girl brings out a fig leaf. He says, "Not big enough."

She brings out a bigger one. He says, "Still not big enough." She brings out a huge fig leaf. He says, "Still not big enough."

She says, "Listen, Ace, why don't you just throw it over your shoulder and go as a gasoline pump?"

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