'ManasanthaNuvve' girl to turn a Police Officer?

Apr 25 ,2012 11:56 AM
'ManasanthaNuvve' girl to turn a Police Officer?

After getting married to a high profile person, Actress ReemaSen is again back to work.. she is concentrating on shaping up her acting career, that has been ruling the downfall from couple of years now. The actress has agreed to do a powerful Police Officer role in the remake of 80’s super hit Hindi film that is being remade in Tamil soon. Reema would be sharing a screen space with other two Young heroines in this flick.

ReemaSen has put on a remarkable weight post marriage. In order to cut down all her extra fat, Reema is seen often practicing Power Yoga, in order to get back to her slim, trim and eye catching figure soon.

Looks like, Reema is not just keen on doing lead roles further. The actress has known and analyzed the market in the Industry today and considering all these changes Reema is open to do any challenging role that is necessarily not a lead role but has importance than a lead role in the film.

In the current film, in which she is seen playing a Police officer was enacted by none other than 80's kadream girl HemaMalini. Reema is very confident that this film after her marriage would bring her much needed name and in turn more and more offers… let's see what fortune is awaiting for this once much wanted actress, who is not only known for her looks and beauty but also noticeable performance in the films like 'Vallabha' and 'ManasantaNuvve'..

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