'lovely' girl on her way to success!

Apr 12 ,2012 12:53 PM
'lovely' girl on her way to success!

Remember that girl who played a tom boy girl type role in ‘LBW’ and recently made an appearance in telangana accent in the recent release ‘lovely’? I am talking about the same girl Chinmayi… barely two films old in this industry and still in the journey to bag more offers, Chinmayi has come up with a shocking yet very surprising and even more interesting news about her future… she is making her directorial debut in silver screen and as a part of this, co " directing a English film. ‘it is a amazing crossover film. we are negotiating with a big production house. Things will be updated to you soon’, on responding about what’s in her plate in recent times, ‘I am working on 2 scripts as of now and out of them one is a Telugu flick. I have been hearing the news has already spread over in the Industry and many are anticipating the story to categorize all those Software Industry lot. But, as of now, I cannot reveal anything… two of my friends, one who has done his masters in film making and the other who is a IIT ian from London joined me in film making… we three friends share a amazing rapport and our passion being Cinema got along well, soon’, said this former Miss Texas and Miss South Asia…

Not many people know Chinmayi has done her Masters in film making while she was living in Texas and has been awarded for her short film, ‘American Nightmare’.

It is good to see professionals such as Chinmayi are looking towards Cinema beyond acting…

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