Skin care routine for you!

May 03, 2012 14:56
Skin care routine for you!

In the name of technology, we are giving all those emotions a miss… similarly, in the name of advanced beauty care, we are giving basic skin care a miss… if you want to follow it, here are some guidelines for you;

Wash Your Face Regularly: Wash your face at least twice a day but no more than 3 times a day with a cleanser that suits your skin. Select your cleanser depending on your skin type (dry, oily or combination). You can also choose aloe-vera for cleansing. Be careful not to cleanse too often. Also, never wash your face with hot or cold water as both can cause broken capillaries.

Don't Forget Sunscreen: Sunscreen is probably the most essential component of one's skincare regimen. Wrinkles, which are the number one sign of aging, are triggered by sun exposure. So it is essential to make use of sunscreen from your early years. Don't forget sunscreen even in winter and on cloudy days.

Protect Your Lips: Chapped lips can be your worst nightmare. They hurt a lot and they don't look good. You should apply a lip balm or oil or gel on the lips so that they won't chap out.

Use a Humidifier: A humidifier will help to regain the smoothness of the skin. In winters, the skin becomes drier, so at that time a humidifier is necessary.

Healthy Diet: Your diet also affects the skin, especially the vitamins that you take. You should eat vitamin rich food items such as oats, avocado, other fruits and vegetables. Concentrate on vitamin A and E in proper amount. Stay away from oily greasy food as it can lead to an onset of pimples.

Use your favorite choice of fragrance to change your mood, as well as that of others around you. A beautiful scent is hard to beat as a mood changer.

Don't be afraid to switch products. Even though you like a particular makeup, technology, is always developing new products and one may more effective for you. Experiment... You can always go back. Who doesn't get bored sometimes using the same product everyday and not want to change?

A facial is something that you deserve! It will work for you as it cleans, softens, and revitalizes your skin. Its very relaxing to have someone cleanse your face.

A light foundation color is always a better choice than a dark one, which may just muddy your skin.

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