5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Gemstones Jewelry

September 22, 2016 15:39
5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Gemstones Jewelry

Gemstone matching your attire, enhances the beauty of your eyes, and gives a magical touch to your overall personality. But, this only happens when you pick the right jewel to adorn yourself with.

If you are fascinated with gemstones and are planning to buy one, here are a few things that will help dodge the common mishaps.

1. Buying it online

Buying gemstone Jewelry online can be disastrous. The colour that we see on our laptop and phone screens can be hugely different from what is delivered. Reason behind this, can be a deceiving image by the seller or the colour and contrast setting of your gadget. Mostly, there are return and exchange options, but you cannot depend on such second bite on the cherry.

2. Say no to over-spending

Indulging in over research and option exploring can lead you to crossing the budget limit that you had set for this purchase. That pretty little gem is an addition to your happiness, and not an end in itself. Don’t let these gems shake your budget. Before you set out to explore, decide for a budget and stick to it.

3. Buying the wrong stone

Buying something that you aren’t going to wear is a very common mistake. You might be drawn towards a particular gemstone and you might go and buy it. But, if it doesn’t enhance your beauty, you are likely to keep it in your jewel box and never take it out to wear. Spending on such a gemstone will be a huge waste. Rather, buy something you are sure of and that suits and complements your looks. So, while selecting a gem, make sure it is not something you are infatuated to, it should be beauty enhancing.

4. Going without the basic and necessary legwork

Usually people have certain gemstone in mind while planning to shop for one. If you also know what particular gemstone you want, do the necessary legwork and extract all the information about it. Know about its purity, how to judge its worth and select the one with best cuts. So, whichever gem you have in mind, do a thorough research on it.

5. Picking an ignominious seller

Finding right seller for these gemstones is also centric to buying the right thing. It is better to find out about a particular seller before actually buying something from him. If it is not an expert gemstone seller, you will face problems like- being handed over a fake gemstone, weakly fitted gems which keep coming out of the jewel piece and delivering a jewellery different from what you ordered. Do not hesitate in asking for a guarantee card. Also, you should get a card assuring the originality of the gemstone.

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