TDP, CPI and Loksatta asked CM to revoke ACB director Srinivas Reddy’s transfer

Apr 07 ,2012 15:59 PM
TDP, CPI and Loksatta asked CM to revoke ACB director Srinivas Reddy’s transfer

The opposition parties in the state have today urged the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy to look into the matter of the transferred cop who was investigation liquor pay-off scandal and revoke the transfer order if possible.  According to the parties, Additional Director of Anti Corruption Bureau, Srinivas Reddy was transferred after transport minister Bothsa Sathyanarayana exerted political pressure. The leaders of TDP, CPI and Loksatta further urged that this cop was honest to the core and was exercising his duty without any fear or favour, which according to them, threatened a few corrupt politicians involved in liquor pay-off scandal.  Further, the leaders requested the chief minister to ensure that at least the transfer order get differed in case they cannot be revoked.  Meanwhile, TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu took on the State Government and said that mafias were ruling the state and government should keep a tight check on the same.  Besides urging chief minister here, Babu went ahead and wrote a letter to chief secretary Pankaj Dwivedi to stop the transfer order. He also told media that  politicians alleged roles in illegal matters are being unearthed by the ACB.

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