Only miracle can bring victory to Cong in 2014: Jana

Mar 14 ,2012 15:46 PM
Only miracle can bring victory to Cong in 2014: Jana

In what is seen as an open acceptance of the pathetic state of the Congress in the state, Panchayat Raj Minister Jana Reddy said today only an unexpected miracle can bring victory to the party in the 2014 assembly elections.

Addressing media persons in Hyderabad today, he said the congress may not attain majority in the next assembly elections unless a great miracle happens. “But I am sure a miracle may happen to bring victory to the Congress,” he observed.

Jana Reddy, who has of late turned very outspoken, said he was hopeful of the congress party high command offering party ticket to the T region senior leader K. Kesava Rao in the forthcoming biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha.

Jana Reddy was among the few who demanded re-nomination of Keshava Rao to the Rajya Sabha to represent the T region.

Two days ago, Jana Reddy lambasted the Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy for not giving an explanation on behalf of the six ministers who served notices by the Supreme Court in the illegal assets case involving the YSR Congress party chief Mr YS Jaganmohan reddy.

“Everyone has been taking a different route on important issues and this is not good for the party,” he said in disappointment. (J)

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