TDP leader Dayakara granted bail

Mar 14 ,2012 14:43 PM
TDP leader Dayakara granted bail

A Warangal District court today granted bail to senior TDP leader and Palakurthi MLA Mr Errabelli Dayakara Rao in the case booked against him for allegedly assaulting a policeman ten days ago.

Dayakara Rao, who has been lodged in the Warangal jail, was later released by the jail authorities. He was arrested three days ago by the Jafargad police for arguing with the town SI Mr Ranjith Kumar and preventing him from discharging his duties at a TDP meeting.

The police booked an assault case against him and took him into custody. A Warangal sub court refused him bail and sent him to a 2-week judicial custody.

His lawyers today moved the District Court which granted him bail on certain conditions. (J)

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