HC finds fault with APIIC’s policy of selling lands

Feb 28 ,2012 19:04 PM
HC finds fault with APIIC’s policy of selling lands

The high court today took the APIIC to task finding fault with its policy of selling lands for real estate business.

Hearing arguments on a petition filed by one Bharat seeking directions to the Emaar Hills Township Pvt Ltd (EHTPL) for issuing no-objection certificate on his A-74 Villa for registration, the court sought explanation from the APIIC for its involving in real estate business while its main responsibility is to provide basic infrastructure for industries in the state.

“What is the rationality in pursuing the policy of taking away lands from poor people and handing them over to MNCs for real estate business? Doesn’t the ban imposed on distribution of lands to the poor people apply to the MNCs?” Justice Narasimha Reddy questioned the APIIC counsel.

“Even assuming you have a policy of selling lands for real estate business, didn’t you find any Indian companies? Why sell to only MNCs of foreign companies?” he questioned the counsel for the APIIC.

Justice Narasimha Reddy expressed anger and adjourned the hearing till March 7 when the counsel sought time to answer the queries. (J)

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