Police Counseling On You Tube

Dec 24 ,2013 09:34 AM
Police Counseling On You Tube

The incident happened last week when some love couples were found near Quli Qutub Shah Tomb in Golconda police jurisdiction.

The Students who were unmarried couples found in Golconda Garden were asked by the Police Inspector Syed Javed to do sit ups with holding ears with cross hands.  The whole incident was recorded and uploaded on the You Tube which is making the police authorities mad about the incident.

The West Zone Police Deputy Commissioner of Police Satyanarayna got furious on hearing the news of punishing the students in the name of counseling.

“There were many complaints, including one from the archaeological department. That is why we increased surveillance in these areas. We counseled the couples and informed their parents. We need to keep a watch to prevent crime against women at secluded places,” said the DCP.

But he ordered Asifnagar ACP Vinod Kumar to make an inquiry on the incident and report him back.  The DCP assured that the police personnel responsible for it will be punished.

But many of them expressed their disagreement to the police action.  “How can cops take the law into their hands?  People, who don’t get privacy elsewhere, will choose a spot where they can spend quality time. The police have no right to punish couples, but can counsel them.”


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