Attarintiki Daredi dialogues create buzz

Jul 16 ,2013 11:33 AM
Attarintiki Daredi dialogues create buzz

With just a couple of weeks left for the release of the highly anticipated Attarintiki Daredi, the release of a few dialogues are creating a buzz. When Pawan Kalyan talks, audiences listen. The dialogues make sure of that.

The recently leaked dialogues, written by Trivikram, depict a conversation between Mukesh Rushi and Pawan Kalyan. Powerstar is speaking to his Mamayyagaru here, as Mukesh Rushi plays Samantha's dad in the film.

While dad tells him to step aside, Pawan powerfully says, “Intha violent situation lo kuda silent ga undataniki nenu Vivekananda kadu Goutham nanda.” Reminds you of 'Bhadri, Bhadri Nath', doesn't it. Further, when the dad again says he does not know the goon's background, Pawan, in the role of Gowtham, says, “ground lo digaka background laku bayapade body kadu idhi, a body aina kabaaddi eyyy.”

He sure will make Kabaaddi out of the villians as always. Pawan Kalyan fans have all the reasons to gear up for a true blue Pawan Kalyan entertainer with Attarintiki Daredi. The Film releases on 7th August as per schedule.

(AW: Sruthi)

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