Aa ante Amalapuram... Aah ante Ahapuram...

Jun 07 ,2012 15:01 PM
 Aa ante Amalapuram...  Aah ante Ahapuram...

This is the super hit song across the world in Telugu audience from the movie Arya, which is a turning point in Allu Arjun’s career. It has been close to 7 years since the movie is released , but still is remembered a lot through this song. It is an item number with excellent music that you start tapping your legs even without knowing.

Now, why are we discussing this? This song is used in Hindi movie MAXIMUM in which Sonu Sood is being introduced as a Hero.

The first line of the lyrics has been kept the same due to its high recall even in Hindi audience.

And to add more to it, it is Devi Sri Prasad again. We have already witnessed his tunes being used in Hindi already and for this movie he is the music director. At last, a direct break in bollywood as a music director.

Come on every one, Sing the Hindi song along.......
Aa ante..
Aa ante..ye..
Aa ante Amalapuram
Aah ante Ahapuram
Ee ante Indian rhythm
Illu illu karke aaj naachenge hum.....

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  • by Bulbul Friday, 15 June 2012 20:27

    Sach a hot song.......

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