Saif in deep trouble in assault case, witness go with his complainant

Feb 24 ,2012 15:20 PM
Saif in deep trouble in assault case, witness go with his complainant

The case of Mumbai Movie world involving Saif Ali Khan of assaulting a business man over an argument in a Mumbai restaurant seems to be going strongly against the actor.

Saif Ali Khan for his new release Agent Vinod was in strategic alliance with World Series Hockey, on Thursday at Mumbai. On the sidelines of the event, Saif spoke to media personnel. Speaking to the journalists the star denied any publicity motive behind the assault case and further expressed full faith in the law, for justice.

Saif is in deeper trouble say sources in the assault case. The cops have interacted with witnesses and felt that the case could get stronger if witnesses are to be believed. This means Saif along with his friends, businessman Shakeel Ladak and producer Bilal Amrohi could be in troubled waters once the police file the charge sheet. The three were supposed to be involved in a brawl with a South African businessman Iqbal Sharma and his father-in-law Raman Patel. The three were arrested on Wednesday and later released by the Colaba Police station in Mumbai for assault.

"We have questioned eyewitnesses, including the hotel staff and management. Their statements have corroborated Sharma's version. This is a simple case so far and we will file a chargesheet very soon," said a senior officer involved in the probe. The officer added there was no CCTV footage available as the five-star restaurant had not installed cameras in order to respect the privacy of their guests.

Saif had filed an application through his lawyer on Wednesday, leveling charges against Sharma. The actor alleged that Sharma and his father-in-law came to his table and started abusing the ladies with him, and started the fight. The application said he was later approached by Sharma's mother-in-law who requested him to forget the matter, saying no one was in their right mind. "We have registered a non-cognizable offence in this matter. However, currently there is no strong evidence in his case. If he gets medical documents to prove he was hurt and assaulted, we will register an FIR," the cop said.  (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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