That is ‘Posani’s Style

May 23 ,2011 15:34 PM

PosaniWriter – Director - Actor Posani Krishna Murali. More than his work he is popular for his wired films and in different Body Language. This personality of him is appreciated by some and rejected by others. Irrespective of what people think Posani makes films of his own style. Be it ‘Mental Krishna’, ‘Operation Dhuryodhana’ and now ‘Dussyasana’, starring Srikanth. Every film talks about the darker shade of the society today.

The stories hit very hard to certain set of people. When asked about why he chooses such kind of scripts, Posani replied;’ I feel I am a responsible citizen of this society. I have a weapon in my hand, that is the power of my ‘Pen’, and I can project my thoughts through one of the Powerful medium, Cinema.

All others are making feel good films and love stories, you don’t ask them why, but if I am making a sensible film that actually deals with the negative aspects arising in the society today, who question me? And yes, just like my earlier films, Dussyasana is also a slap on all those politicians who downsized the society for their own successes.
I feel I should appreciate the buyers of such films. Hats off to their guts!

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