Anushka gets relief from HC

Apr 08 ,2011 14:59 PM

anushka-imageMultilingual heroine Anushka, who was asked to appear personally in a Visakhapatnam court in connection with a dispute relating to a land purchase transaction she made, got stay orders from the AP High Court today seeking exemption from her personal appearance.

Both Anushka and Rama Rajamouli, wife of well known director SS Rajamouli, were asked to appear personally in the court on May 27.

Anushka’s lawyer told the High Court that his client is a very busy person and has to keep commitments to several producers as an actress as per the agreements entered into with them. The lawyer requested the court to grant exemption to her client from personally appearing in the court considering her busy acting schedules.

The High Court accepted her plea and granted her exemption from personally attending the court.

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