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  • Sallu Bhai lashes at media for stripping Katrina

    Sep :17 |   Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif's ex lover and current good friend, has lashed out at the media for stripping her of her privacy and creating unnecessary trouble. Katrina is hurt and Sallu bhai has come to her rescue. The 'Be Human' actor responded to int... [Read more...]

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  • Manam effect on Charan, Mega multistarrer next

    Sep :07 |   Charan has big plans for the future. He is not only signing big films, but is also setting himself up for bigger comparisons. Cherry has confirmed that he will work with Venkatesh and also that he wants to act with Dad Chiranjeevi in Megastar's 150th... [Read more...]

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  • Venky and Sallu in reel life

    Jul :06 |   They are stars in their respective genres and also share immense mutual respect. Venkatesh and Salman Khan are friends in real life. In reel life though, their pairing is yet unexplored. Venkatesh has been supportive of multistarrer films as we have... [Read more...]

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  • Sanju-Sallu: Killers or healers?

    Apr :12 |   In real life Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are already under heavy scrutiny and still getting haunted by the ghost of the past  and to tell the truth of their lives,in reel life writer Muazzam Beg is now all set to make a documentary called Munna ... [Read more...]

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  • Sallu's star status costs a lot to the rest...

    Mar :21 |   Success is what that changes one and all and Salman is no exception for this. This hero was always known to be a director's hero who would just mind her performance and nothing else… but last 4 years have been bliss for this actor who is now, the N... [Read more...]

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  • Happy Birthday Sallu Bhai...

    Dec :27 |   Today is no doubt a very big day for all those Salman Khan fans, apart from his friends and family members… the Actor is celebrating his birthday today… though Sallu is nearing to 50, he still remains to be most eligible bachelor of B - Town… ... [Read more...]

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  • Sallu Bhai's driver thrashed in Rajasthan

    Oct :04 |   Looks like this time the box office Badshah of Bollywood has managed to escape from a scuffle which ended up in a brawl with locals. The event unfolded on the sets of Dabangg 2 at Rajasthan. The crew were shooting in the Satara district's Sangam Mahu... [Read more...]

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  • Salman – Katrina...

    Sep :03 |   It would be difficult on my part to add Katrina Kaif's name with Salman Khan. this most eligible bachelor and Number One hero of B - Town, till now dates almost all the beautiful heroines in B - Town. but, right from Aish, even before her, to his lat... [Read more...]

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  • Shocking update for Sallu bhai's fans???

    Jun :26 |   Is Salman getting married or what??? This would be your first thought in mind as soon as you have had a look on the title... but I am talking about entire different update about this star, that would for sure disappoint the diehard fans of Sallu bhai... [Read more...]

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  • Power star meets Sallu bhai in bada Mega bhai's celebrations

    Jun :12 |   Well I think the long quest of the Hindi Superstar Salman Khan to meet his Andhra Chullbhul Pandey seems to have ended at the Megastar celebrations. Is it confusing, well no ofcourse for those of you who had seen the Sallu bhai's Dabang. OK OK let me... [Read more...]

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