Huge Congress black hole

April 25, 2012 13:37
Huge Congress black hole

Congress on shoe-mending efforts seems to have lost control totally in the state and the outcome over its popularity is sure to affect the performance of the party….

Congress in the centre just proved the fact that `a cat locked in the closet turns into a ferocious animal when unlocked’ whether the behavior is an outcome of fear or frustration is still yet to be assessed.  But any neglected action will definitely prove horrendous is the morale of the story learnt from the Congress led UPA’s situation at present. Infested with multiple injuries in the form of setbacks, internal turmoil and deserting loyalties, Congress has right now turned in to a tutorial college of `what not to do.’

Owing the differences between the PCC Chief and the Chief Minister the regular counseling of a family doctor Ghulam Nabi Azad was by passed and a senior multi-specialist Vayalar Ravi was sent to the state to assess the present situation. As per sources the reports if they were truths are not all that heartwarming to the high command. The deadline announced for conducting the by-polls recently has also drawn fixed time frame to make necessary amendments. But why did the Congress get into this dire state of affairs. Critics feel that the vote politics did play a vital role in the Congress game plan to decline credit worthiness among the public.

Has the trouble shooting Union Minister done his bit to weed out the differences within the party, well it is still unpredictable say sources. But his visit to the grass root levels did show up the amount of differences that were present between leaders of the party at all levels.  The worst seems that there is no formidable leader who claims a sizeable chunk of the cadre. This again is a setback fear critics.

Former Chief Minister late Y S Rajashekar Reddy also had become an issue to the growing list of Congress woos. To speak against him or not, while many wanted to speak against, many more wanted to keep mum about him. At this stage what is the high command to realize should they speak against him then the sympathy will ride high on the late leader, and if they be mum about him, then how could they speak out about the YSR Congress Chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy. After all the young leader could not have done anything without the power of his father say sources.

Next setback is the haste announcement on Telangana by the union Home Minister and his associate created as much trouble. Even to this day the smolders are still on. Another major issue that has added more fuel to the issue was sitting on it without a solution. Now the problem has gone to such an extent that it has affected all walks of life, leave alone politics. Even Education was affected much by this issue and the results, just announced by the Board of Intermediate Exams is a classic example.

Eight Congress MPs from the Telangana region resorted to creating chaotic scenes in the house yesterday. Parliamentary affairs minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, apparently got approval of Congress president Sonia Gandhi to move a resolution seeking their suspension. And they were suspended for a week. Now this is the point of debate feel the critics. The MPs who wanted their voice to be heard on a burning issue had done the right thing in a crude way feel critics. Telangana has become a sensitive issue in the state that everybody from the region would like to put their indelible mark on the problem. But this was a disgrace to the ruling party when the opposition wanted the Congress to keep its house in control. Any way as days are passing more and more anti Congress factors and a strong dosage of remedy is sure to cure this age-old party now in shambles say critics. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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