Coal Scam adds to UPA quiver, 10.67 lakh Cr evaporates

March 22, 2012 10:23
Coal Scam adds to UPA quiver, 10.67 lakh Cr evaporates

The country is to get its fresh note on scam committed by the elite. It is a long time after the 2G anything has come up. Coal Scam of 10.67 lakh Cr is on anvil.

A million dollar question posed to and by the common man is, ` where are we heeding to?’ on one side we have the mobiles dominating the toilets in the country and on the other side the rulers seem to be squeezing the Indian economy for more nectar. UPA gives another jolt to the Aam Admi, as Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), reveals draft report titled 'Performance Audit of Coal Block Allocations' says the government has extended "undue benefits", a mind-boggling Rs 10.67 lakh Cr, to commercial entities by giving them 155 coal blocks without auction between 2004 and 2009. The estimated figure is almost six times higher than the highest presumptive loss figure of Rs 1.76 lakh Cr for the 2G scam.

Why this never quenching thirst? Where are the corrupt going to hoard this unaccounted money probably in safe havens? Has anyone realized how much a man needs to live comfortably?  Probably a Cr or two that ensures the security of self and family till the end, if rightly invested in social utility enterprises. But why this hunger, beyond boundaries. Does it not appeal to their conscious; everyone joins the bandwagon, given the opportunity. Whom should we turn to? I just remembered a tale from the great epic Ramayana, once when Rama had pressed his bow on frog unknowingly, the frog brunt the pain silently. Later the lord realized the folly and repentantly fondled the frog and said `why did you not voice your pain?’ instantly the frog replied, `Oh lord if someone hurts me, I call Rama! But if the lord himself is the cause of pain, then whom should I turn to?’ Rama was humbled and filled with ecstasy on the creature. In our case if there is inflation or price hike, we feel our elected representatives will take care, but if they are themselves get corrupted beyond repair…. God save the nation.

UPA’s Scam Raj: for reader enrichment. Excuse us if we have missed some, as the list is huge to be remembered.
·    2-G spectrum Rs 1,70,000 Cr notional loss after Raja's telecom ministry undersells spectrum to shell companies. Then telecom secretary P.J. Thomas now appointed as Chief Vigilance Commissioner.
·    Adarsh society Flats meant for defence personnel and Kargil war widows expanded to include politicians' kin, bureaucrats and defence top brass by Ashok Chavan
·    CWG Rs 8,000 Cr rip-off in allocation of rights, procurement of materials by Suresh Kalmadi-led panel
·    IPL Ministers Shashi Tharoor, Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel shown to have dubious links with IPL teams
·    Scorpene Middlemen make hay in the Rs 18,000-crore submarine deal
·    Rice export Private middlemen subvert ban under Kamal Nath's watch to export Rs 2,500 Cr of grain
·    Cash-for-votes MPs allegedly offered cash to vote for the government in the trust vote over nuclear deal
·    Prasar Bharati B.S. Lalli stays in office despite Rs 68 Cr loss suffered by national broadcaster in a subcontracting deal……..Courtesy Outlook India. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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