How to Update Your Style With Vintage Looks

Feb 22 ,2012 16:27 PM
How to Update Your Style With Vintage Looks

It may seem like a conflict, updating your wardrobe with vintage styles, but in truth, many vintage pieces are just as flattering if not even more so than anything you might see in the stores today. Women especially are turning to vintage styles of dresses and skirts because they are feminine and celebrate her curves without exposing far too much skin.

To dress up your look with some vintage styles, first consider where your wardrobe needs a punch of personality. For something fun and new to wear to the office, think longer skirts and dresses that are fitted at the waist with a touch of flare at the hem. You can make them more professional by adding a tailored jacket. For evening and dressier occasions, a fitted bodice with a full skirt and materials such as silk and lace can be perfect. For all skirts and dresses, mind the hemline, which typically hit just below the knee if not mid-calf.

For some added touches to your casual clothes, consider vintage t-shirts. Have a favorite television show from the 1970′s or 1980′s? Chances are you can find a fun t-shirt for that show which you can easily wear under a nice jacket if you need to dress it up a bit. Oversized blouses with a bit of fit at the waist, under which you can wear a t-shirt or camisole, are also fun.

Your accessories are also a great place to add some vintage flair. Think chunky gold jewelry and oversized necklaces, gemstone brooches, prints on your handbags, fancy leather gloves, and printed scarves. For casual wear, patterned and printed socks and footie’s keep you warm and toasty. These can all work well to banish the winter grays from your wardrobe at least!

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