I want to be known for my ACT and Not for my Body

August 12, 2010 13:25
I want to be known for my ACT and Not for my Body

Gracy Singh is the leading actress, Gracy Singh talking about her future goals. she tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she is not in a tearing hurry to settle down in life.

What is your role in Ramdev ?
What I like best about the film is that my role has grey shades. All the characters in the film are very realistic and not at all larger than life; like the characters one generally sees in hardcore Hindi commercial films these days, though the film is an out and out entertainer.

To what extent was the role challenging for you as an actress?
It is quite a challenging role for me as an actress because of the situation turns in the film, which makes the protagonist’s world topsy-turvy.

What made you say yes to the project?
I agreed to be a part of the project after I heard the script from director. To tell you the truth, initially I was quite skeptical when I heard the script but was convinced because the story is very unique.

How did you prepare for the role as an actor?
I did not have to do much preparation for the role. All that I had to do; to get into the skin of the character was to learn to chalo a cycle tyre like street-urchins, when the shoot was going on.

How was your experience of having acted with Mammootty?
It was a pleasure to work in a Malayalam film opposite a veteran actor like Mammootty. I learnt a lot by just observing him in action, though I could not understand a word of Malayalam when I shot for the film.

After a long time you are back on the silver screen?

You can say that... DESH DROHI was quite some time back.

Why is that we don't see more of you on screen?
I don't want to do mindless roles. I prefer to be an actor than a heroine.

Do you think the audience will appreciate this kind of a film?
Definitely, the film will be appreciated by the audience because it shows a beautiful love story.

You seem to be stuck with a staid image as an actress?
I am quite possessive about the clean image with which I have been saddled as an actress after I did Lagaan. I do not want to sully the image by getting into a bikini or doing ultra glamorous roles by wearing itsy-bitsy see through costumes.

What is your approach as an actor?
I am a director’s actress and prefer to be like clay in the hands of the director so that he can mould me the way the character demands. I do not take anything seriously because I am of the opinion that nothing is permanent in life.

Do newcomers pose a threat to you?
Why should I get threatened by the influx of younger and newer actresses today on the scene? Every day is different. You just cannot prevent new people from making their mark in the film industry. It has been happening from times immemorial. Today, I want to see an actress like Vyjayanthimala on the screen but I know that it is only a wishful thinking.

What are your next projects?
I am reading scripts right now. As I told you, I am very particular about the kind of films I want to do. Like in 'ASEEMA', I loved the script; my character was quite challenging for me. My character portrays all three stages of woman's life and I was lucky to play such a character as it's a bold character.

Is marriage on the cards?
My younger sister Lisa got married. Though there is a lot of pressure from my parents and all the relatives at home to settle down, I am not in a hurry.

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