Priyanka Chopra loves being Negative!

Jan 19 ,2012 12:46 PM
Priyanka Chopra loves being Negative!

Priyanka Chopra, despite of receiving certain negative comments on her acting skills, the actress manages to do one n number of different variety roles, every now and then. As of now, the Actress is awaiting for the release of her fourth coming film, ‘Agneepath’. Besides this, PC is working simultaneously in ‘Barfi’, ‘Krish – 2’ and ‘Teri MeriKahaani’.

PC, recently bagged award for her performance in ‘7 KhoonMaaf’. The actress expressed her interest in portraying negative roles. She says she enjoys playing those roles of grey shades. This is not the first time, PC has donned a negative role. Right in the initial stages of her career in the film ‘Aitraaz’ she played a out and out negative role.

Apart from her films, this 29 year old actress loves to take a break every now and then and believes in getting back to work with a new found enthusiasm. Even PC has been in news in recent times because of her ‘newly’ found friendship with none other than king Khan of B – Town Shah Rukh Khan.

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