Good time ahead for Prachi

May 24 ,2011 12:59 PM

PrachiDesaiNo doubt Prachi Desai is a combo of Beauty with Acting Skills. The Actress made her debut with a Television Show ‘Kasam Se’, from Ekta Kapoor’s Production House and Bagged a ‘Rock on’ opposite Director – Hero Farhan Aktar.

She later appeared opposite Tusshar Kapoor, in the film ‘Life Partner’. Prachi was recently nominated for the Best Actress category as per her performance in the film ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’.
According to the sources, offers are pouring in for Prachi and the Actress intends to do at least 3 films a year. Prachi will be seen in ‘Joker’ opposite Rajeev Khandelwal and another youthful film. Prachi will also act opposite John Abraham in his next flick. When asked about how much the actress is open for steamy scenes and skin show, Prachi replied,’ I have not set any rules as such.

As far as I am comfortable and the role demands I don’t mind doing sensuous scenes’. Now who knows to what extent Prachi is comfortable. Well that was a diplomatic answer Prachi!

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