Imran’s Underplay

May 23 ,2011 19:44 PM

ImranThere are two ways of being in news, one is over play of your own self and the other is underplayed. Imran has actually chosen the second option. In a recent public appearance, Imran was all praises about Randir’s looks and acting Skills. ‘Ranbir is a amazing actor with attractive looks. Infact he is far better than me. I don’t like the way I enact a situation. I don’t even watch my films’. I wonder if Imran hates him so much and thinks that he is such a bad as an Actor, then why is he even acting in films.

When asked about his steamy scenes in upcoming film ‘Delhi Belly’ the actor replied’oh! really? Are the scenes steamy? We did not found so? I am happy that the film is making news much before its release.’

I am curious to know one thing, what would be Imran’s newlywed wife Avantika’s reactions if he gives same kind of a answer to her?

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