Kiran Kumar Reddy puts a check to Chiranjeevi

May 06, 2012 23:46
Kiran Kumar Reddy puts a check to Chiranjeevi

Kiran Kumar Reddy put a check by inducting controversial couple Jeevtha and always ‘wig wearing’ Rajasekhar back into Congress.  This scruple less , power hungry, highly controversial couple who are in deep financial and legal crisis has become star pawns for Kiran kumar Reddy to put a check to Chirajeevi’s growth in Congress.

Jeevitha and Rajasekhar moved into Congress from TDP and took up the lead in mudslinging exercise on Chiranjeevi.  They aimed Chiranjeevi with varied false allegations to be in media focus. The couple’s modus operandi to attract lime light is “throwing venom exclusively at Chiranjeevi” with all kinds of press meets and they are never seen talking anything else other than just bad mouthing Chirnajeevi

After Rajasekhar Reddy’s death the couple deserted congress and moved out with Jagan. The dirty couple tried to get fame using Jagan and when Rajasekhar tried a show off at Vijayawada Sabha. Irked with the attitude of  ‘always wig wearing’ Rakasekhar, Jagan asked him to get down from the stage and leave. This dirty couple was thrown away from YSR Congress due to their misbehavior and highly egoistic attitudes.

After kicked out of YSR Congress, the dirty couple tried to go back to TDP. Balakrishna strongly objected to the re admittance of this couple back into TDP reasoning their lack of morals, lack of following combined with their proven  scruple less tongue twisting track record. He seems to have warned Chandra Babu that this couple will not hesitate and is fully capable to twist their tongues  to even bad mouth Babu, himself and  TDP party if some other party throws money at them.  TDP refused to  admit the dirty couple back into their party.

With no other party to look forward to, this dirty couple who are fame thirsty went to BJP seeking to join BJP! This will be the fourth FLIP for this couple in politics – first being TDP then to Congress then to YSR Congress then now trying to go to BJP.

Since long time there were rumors that Rajasekhar exploits aspiring heroines and Jeevitha plays key role in getting what Rajsekhar wants. According to sources, recently Tara Chowdary who was caught in running prostitution ring,  is the first one who testified and confirmed  these rumors. It is believed that during the investigation into the sex and blackmailing racket Tara Chowdhary told the police that angry hero Rajashekar and Jeevitha are behind her and supporting her activities. .

The couples had promised Tara to give filmy roles in their forth coming movies and used her has pimp for supply girls to VIP’s. Tara also alleged that Rajashekar’s brothers and family members were maintaining close relations with Tara and had physical relations several times at her home. Tara also reveled that this couple forced her not just her many into prostitution ring, when questioned Jeevitha always convinced them by telling “all this is common and must in cine field” so go and keep Rajaskehar happy.

During the investigation into the sex and blackmailing racket Tara Chowdhary told the police that angry hero Rajashekar and Jeevitha are behind her and supporting her activities. Tara Chowdary , alleged that she was ruined by ‘always wig wearing’ Rajasekhar and Jeevitha forced her to sleep with Rajsekhar and also demanded other sexual favors to him and his family members. After Tara Chowdary’s arrest and findings in the investigation, the dirty couple totally evaded press and made themselves virtually unavailable.

Rajasekhar-2With Tara sex scandal revelations, the dirty couple’s joining into BJP came to abrupt halt. BJP seems to have rejected to admit them into party fearing that keeping aside bringing in  value to the party, the couple would bring in “dirt” combined with sex, prostitution scandals.

Not only sex scandals, an year back, this couple’s close relative ( sources say brother in law) was caught red handed while doing drugs smuggling at Jubilee Hills check post by Hyderabad police when police put a net to break drug trafficking ring.

Kiran Kumar Reddy seems to have invited this dirty couple back into Congress so that they will help him personally in countering Chiru’s growth. Jeevitha seems to be promised with head of Women wing and it is believed that Kiran is planning to take them to Delhi and introduce them to Sonia Gandhi by projecting an alternative cine couple to support Congress.

The Congress administration in AP is spiraling downwards rapidly and with poor governence lakhs of files are pending clearance by Government.

It is known to everybody that the Congress high command has been targeting YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy however with moves such as these may help Kiran personally but would it help Congress by bringing in this couple who are castigated by all other parties?



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