Sensuous Sunny Leone in Thailand on Condom ad

Apr 23 ,2012 16:31 PM
Sensuous Sunny Leone in Thailand on Condom ad

The hottest porn star is working on a condom commercial and busily shooting in Thailand while gorging on the Thai cuisine.

The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone is a walking sensation and she is admired by her youth fans of both the sexes. True the men aspire for her, to be their partners while women aspire for her curvy physique, probably with a hope to retain their partners. The sensuous actor shot to limelight during her stint at Big Boss in 2011. From here she went on get hitched to the Mahesh Bhatt bandwagon. She was offered the meaty lead role in Jism-2. Then she was offered a role in Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS. On the whole the actress is comfortably placed in Bollywood and she is sure to go places with her conservative dress attire predict experts.

Right now the star is shooting a commercial for a Condom brand in Thailand. And while shooting enjoying the picturesque beauty of the island country and gorging on the luxury Thai menu as tweeted by her. Hope she gorges in limits as we do not want to see her flabby display. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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