Salman to gift a BMW to Kareena

Apr 16 ,2012 13:19 PM
Salman to gift a BMW to Kareena

Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor probably never expected to receive a BMW that too from Bollywood's bad boy as a part of gratitude for her appearance in the item number in the upcoming Bollywood flick, Dabang2.

If you are wondering as to why the special gratitude then you must know that Kareena did the item number without any remuneration.  It may be noted that Dabang 2 is being produced and directed by Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan.

Gifting co-stars is no new affair in Bollywood as Shahrukh Khan earlier gifted a bike worth Rs.15 lakh to Sanjay Dutt for his guest appearance in Ra One and even Akshay Kumar reportedly donated huge amount towards Salman Khan's Being Human charity. Notably, there were rumours in air that Akshay Kumar also wanted to gift a car to Katrina Kaif over the success of a film but he didn’t buy her one that apparently disappointed Kat.

Salman Khan's gift led to several discussions and became prominent Bollywood news the moment UTV Motion Pictures Manger Preetwish Ganguly tweeted about it. Let us wait and see how Katrina is going to react on this. BMW for a song is undoubtedly a big treat to her. (Phani)

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  • by vinodkumar Monday, 16 April 2012 19:13

    quite common for Bollywood stars gifting BMW & Mercedes Benz like that.Infact for them its like a peanut!

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