For a long Silky hair this Summer!

April 18, 2012 12:38
For a long Silky hair this Summer!

Summer is such a season that has a advantage of Summer is we have an opportunity to grow our hair long… okay, now how we do turn our hair from long to silky as well? Let's know;

In order to get silky and shiny hair, you would have to make sure that your hair is well nourished. Only if it is well nourished will your hair look so good that it shines with health and vitality. Most times, dryness and dullness of hair is largely attributed to the fact that it is not well nourished and is not maintained properly as well. You need to follow a proper routine of hair care to ensure that it is well kempt and only then will it look good. Make it a rule to apply hair oil to your hair and scalp at least twice a week. This will provide all the nutrients your hair could possibly need. If possible, warm the oil slightly and then spend about 30 minutes massaging it into your scalp and strands. Leave this on for about two hours, or overnight. Wash the next day with your usual shampoo. You must also make sure that your shampoo is chosen in accordance with your hair type. This will also make a difference and decide upon the quality of your hair. If possible, use a natural or organic shampoo that is free of excessively harsh chemicals.

You should also avoid using plastic combs and clips and all other implements for your hair. These will always provide extra static and will lead to hair weakening and breakage. Try to use wooden combs and brushes in your hair as much as possible. This will also help to keep your hair healthier. You should also make it a point to brush out your hair twice a day to keep it healthy and shiny. This will also stimulate circulation in your scalp and will help to grow long hair too. In order to grow long hair, you can also use almond oil for your hair massages. This will encourage growth of hair. You should also increase your intake of carrots, as these are also known to add to excellent hair growth. In fact, all yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables should be added to your diet. All of these will be instrumental in your efforts. You can also add fenugreek to your diet for good hair growth. It can also be used to rinse out your hair. Simply soak a few seeds overnight and use the water for an excellent rinse the next morning. These methods should show visible results in a couple of months.

Ordinary hair dryers dry your hair out by drying up the water and the moisture in your hair. Ionic hair dryers use ions to soften and shine your hair. It works with the water and the moisture leaving your hair soft, shiny, and a lot healthier!

Contrary to popular belief, ionic hair dryers dry your hair faster than normal hair dryers and are a very good investment!

To use the hair dryer correctly put the fan speed on high until your hair is completely dry, then put it on low and brush your hair and style it while letting the low fan from the dryer blow on your hair.

Think of it as an extension of your brush, work with your brush and the ionic hair dryer simultaneously on parts of your hair.

Along with all these methods, do not forget to eat right…

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