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  • Film : Eega
  • Producer : Sai Korrapati
  • Director : S.S.Rajamouli
  • Star Cast : Nani, Samantha, Sudeep...
  • Music Director : M.M.Keeravani

The trilingual movie of SS Rajamouli, Eega has been released across the world today. The movie has received overwhelming response with audiences whistling and wooing right from the beginning of the movie. The movie has managed to live beyond the expectations of the audiences. Eega undoubtedly received a thumbs up in Telugu version! Don't think Eega a kids movie...Eega has got some sensitive emotions, which will surely make you enjoy to the core if you love watching classic movies. Go through this quick review before you watch Eega. This movie was released as Naan Ee in Tamil version.

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Director S.S. Rajamouli once again comes up with an exceptionally



When the titles of Eega run on the silver screen, we hear voice of director Rajamouli narrating stories to children. When children plead him to narrate an unusual story, he will pick up Eega story. We see (Samantha) Bindu in the first scene followed by Nani. They both fell in love with eachother although Bindu never expresses her love for Nani. Meanwhile, Bindu (who is a social worker) approaches the business magnate Sudeep to raise funds for a cause. Sudeep, who happens to be a womanizer, will get attracted to the beauty of Samantha and follows her. When he gets to know that Nani was after Samantha, he hatches plot to kill Nani and accomplishes the same. All this happens within first half-an-hour and then comes Eega, the hero of the film.

Nani, who gets killed by Sudeep, will reincarnate as a housefly. The little create fortunately remembers the remniscences of the past life and chooses to take revenge on Sudip. The remaining part of the story will unveil a series of scenes filled with graphics and animations, which will undoubtedly be a feast to the eyes!

Analysis :

Eega movie review

Eega is not just an animation movie. It's a classic love story. The plot selected by Rajamouli was different, but it has definately made a difference as people welcomed the alignment of graphics with a pure love story. The good amount of graphics that went into the picture is a visual treat. The action sequences of Eega and the introduction of the character were beautifully sketched by Rajamouli. The screenplay and dialogues were good and so were the costumes of Sudip and Samantha designed by Rama Rajamouli. For the first time in Tollywood, a movie went close to Hollywood film. The introduction scene of Eega reminds us of the famous flick Avatar.

The best part of Eega is the expressions of the housefly. To convey a message to its ex-life lover, Eega makes different buzz. The dubbing (buzz) of Eega is given by Rajamouli. Background score of the movie is also another asset and the credit goes to MM Keeravani. The two songs looked good on screen while the climax dance by Eega received good response.

Performance :

Eega review

When we talk of performances in Eega movie the first place is occupied by Sudeep. As a filthy rich businessman, who takes the role of antagonist to win his love, Sudeep's performance made audiences awestruck while Samantha was looking gorgeous. Her facial expressions played a key role in conveying the feelings of an average girl who lost her love. Nani has a very little role and supposedly gave his best. And Eega's performance was awesome...err...the credit again goes to Rajamouli and his animation team. The comedy sequences by Thaagubothu Ramesh tickled the ribs of the audiences.

In a nutshell: In Tollywood, its usually heroes or heroines who drag audiences to theatres and for the first time people are thronging theatres only for the sake of a director. The credit obviously goes to Rajamouli who proved that if there's stuff in a director, he can cast a housefly as the hero and make it a big hit. With Eega, the outlook of Telugu Cinema changed completely. Hatts off to Rajamouli for spreading the name and fame of Telugu Cinema across the globe.

Final Word:Eega is Rajamouli's touch of social fantasy.