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  • Adrian Simpson, traditional bra, bra gain on ebay, World records

    Bra"gain" on ebay 26 October 2012

    Ebay users are now vying against each other to gain the ownership of a piece of lingerie. However this is no normal bra as it spans over 2 tennis courts in length. Rest assured that it won't be used as...

    Keywords: cancer awareness, Breast cancer Campaign, Adrian Simpson, Wear it Pink Day

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    Genelia D'Souza, Genelia D'Souza, genelia d souza creates record enters into limca book of world records, World records

    Genelia D'Souza creates record, enters into Limca Book of World Records 01 March 2012

    Genelia D’Souza creates a unique record. Genelia D' Souza is one happy woman. The bubbly 24 years old actress, is now been enlisted in the prestigious Limca Book of World Records for delivering four hits in four different languages in...

    Keywords: Genelia D'Souza world record, Limca World Book, Genelia D'Souza, Genelia D'Souza world record

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    Biggest biceps, , big mo 31 biceps biggest in the world, World records

    Big Mo 31' biceps biggest in the world 14 September 2012

    A body builder from Egypt who boasted of 31” biceps had been declared to be the biggest biceps in the world. According to Daily Mail, Moustafa Ali, only 24 years old had spent 10 years working out at the gym,...

    Keywords: Big Mo, Biggest biceps, Moustafa Ismail, Guinness Book of World Records

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    Japanese, Osaka, japan now home to the oldest man and woman on the planet, World records

    Japan now home to the oldest man and woman on the planet! 05 March 2013

    On Tuesday, the world's oldest woman celebrated her 115th birthday in a Japanese nursing home with her favourite mackerel sushi dish on the menu. Moreover, Ms Misao Okawa who is a descendant of kimono merchants in the city of Osaka,...

    Keywords: Misao Okawa, Japanese, sushi, Japanese

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    dina manfredini, Guinness World Records, meet the oldest person in the world, World records

    Meet the oldest person in the world 07 December 2012

    According to Guinness Book of World Records , Dina Manfredini A 115-year-old woman in Iowa of United States has become the world's oldest living person. Guinness World Records posted on its website on December 5th  that Dina Manfredini of Johnston,...

    Keywords: countries with highest life expectancy, african HIV/AIDS epidemic, , oldest person in the world

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    Maaee, Singer, asha the voice of india enters guinness world records, World records

    Asha the Voice of India, enters Guinness World Records 21 October 2011

    The singing enchantress sings her way to the Guinness World Records Thursday certificate for the most studio recordings(singles) for recording up to 11,000 solo, duet and chorus backed songs and in over 20 Indian Languages since 1947. Playful love songs...

    Keywords: Maaee, Hot topics store, Telugu headlines, Sakshi news paper online

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    French Revolution, Salvatore Calabrese, 5 500 for the costliest cocktail in the world, World records

    $5,500 for the costliest cocktail in the world 12 October 2012

    Sommeliers, the rich ones, have more reason to clank their stemware as there is a new contender for the world's costliest cocktail made. This cocktail by Salvatore Calabrese is said to have ingredients as old as the French Revolution. Salvatore...

    Keywords: French Revolution, GWR, GWR, French Revolution

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    red diamond, International news, world s most expensive necklace gains with guinness world records, World records

    World's most expensive necklace - gains with Guinness World Records! 28 March 2013

    Dubai is showcasing the world’s most expensive abaya and necklace, together valued at Dh268 million. Moreover, Debbie Wingham who designed the Dh65-million red diamond abaya said it may be auctioned off for charity in London. To move forward... The abaya...

    Keywords: yellow diamond, diamond, Dubai news., diamond necklace

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    AOL Weird News, Video, don t mess with this ball of fur, World records

    Don't mess with this ball of fur 29 August 2013

    Colonel Meow, the forever-angry 2-year-old Himalayan-Persian crossbreed and a favorite with all fur-ball obsessives on the Internet, has been named as the world's hairiest cat by Guinness World Records. It has been officially recognized as the cat with the longest...

    Keywords: Eric Rosario, World Records, Animals In The News, Craig Glenday

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    world's largest saltwater crocodile, eco-tourism park ., giant croc measuring 20 24 feet in philippine, World records

    Giant Croc measuring 20.24 feet in Philippine! 11 February 2013

    The world's largest saltwater crocodile measuring the giant at 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) has died while being in captivity, sending villagers to tears in the backwater southern Philippine town that had started to draw tourists, revenue and development because of...

    Keywords: Bunawan, world's largest saltwater crocodile, Edwin Cox Elorde, giant crocodile in philippines

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    RCB Kohli, cricket news, ipl 2016 kohli breaks 2 t20 world records, World records

    IPL 2016: Kohli breaks 2 T20 world records 23 May 2016

    Indian skipper, Virat Kohli yet again carried his bat through, on Sunday, guiding  Royal Challengers Bangalore, to the IPL 2016 playoffs.Kohli, after losing Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers early, has soaked all the pressure with an unbeaten 54-run knock....

    Keywords: sports gossips, sports gossips, RCB Kohli, RCB Kohli

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    MS Narayana in Dookudu movie, MS Narayana in Dookudu movie, ms narayana on his way to guinness, World records

    MS Narayana on his way to Guinness 28 July 2014

    Tollywood's noted comedian MS Narayana will be entering in Guinness Book of World Records for breaking his competitor Brahmanandam's record of featuring in over 700 films. In a span of 17 years, Narayana achieved this feat while Brahmi took three...

    Keywords: MS Narayana, Celebrity News, MS Narayana Filmfare award, MS Narayana in Dookudu movie

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    weird videos, World records, attempts to break weird world records, World records

    Attempts to break weird world records 17 May 2016

    How would it be, if a young guy, doing some weird things on the public roads like walking, wearing the women high heels, pretending to be the world’s fastest tortoise and many such things. While the person claiming to create...

    Keywords: funny videos, World records, weird videos, funny videos

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    breaks diamond record, archduke joseph, indian diamond breaks world records, World records

    Indian diamond breaks world records 14 November 2012

    An Indian diamond, which was extracted from Golconda Mines in erstwhile Hyderabad, became one of the costliest diamonds in the world as it was auctioned at a price of $21.47 million on Tuesday. The seventy six caret diamond broke several...

    Keywords: indian diamond, indian diamond, colourless diamond, geneva auction

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    Polavaram project date, Polavaram project records, polavaram project enters guinness world records, World records

    Polavaram Project Enters Guinness World Records 08 January 2019

    Polavaram Project Enters Guinness World Records:- Andhra Pradesh government took things prestigiously for the Polavaram irrigation project and it created two Guinness World Records for pouring the highest amount of concrete along with largest continuous concrete pour in a day....

    Keywords: AP Government, Polavaram project records, Polavaram project news, Polavaram project date

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    guinness book of world records, united states of america, mother donates her milk enters guinness book, World records

    Mother donates her milk, enters Guinness Book 27 October 2012

    At the age when lot of mothers are trying to depend on milk powders and buffalo's milk for their babies, a woman-who gave birth to one baby-not only gave milk to her baby but also donated her breast milk to...

    Keywords: milk donation, mothers milk donation, donating mothers milk, donating mothers milk

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