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    Samsung applies for smartwatch patent 16 May 2016

    For the wearable devices that have embedded projectors, Samsung filed a patent application. In the pre defined spaces, these projectors display a UI, and can take inputs from the users based on direct interaction in those pre-defined spaces. A projector...

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    Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch in India 11 January 2017

    Samsung has launched the Galaxy Gear S3 smartwatch in India on Tuesday. The Galaxy Gear S3 comes in two variants- A rugged designed 'Frontier' and elegantly designed 'Classic' model. Both the variants are priced at Rs 28,500 and will be...

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    Apple's to launch wearable gadgets, Apple, apple to launch wearable gadgets reports, Smartwatch

    Apple to launch wearable gadgets: Reports 07 June 2014

    Tech giant Apple which is planning to launch wearable devices, is expected to make them available from October according the Silicon valley. Apple is aiming to produce 3 million to 5 million wearable devices every month however the details of...

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    Samsung smartwatch? 20 March 2013

    Samsung electronics is reportedly working on a wearable smartphone that would be like a wristwatch while leaving no respite for Apple Inc which is also working on a similar device allegedly named iWatch to go with their line of products....

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