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  • OnePlus 7 news, OnePlus 7 new, oneplus 7 specs leaked, Smartphones

    OnePlus 7 Specs Leaked 15 April 2019

    OnePlus 7 Specs Leaked:- OnePlus is a sensation across the mobile industry. The recent mobiles OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are huge hits all over and the sales created a sensation in USA surpassing the sales of Apple. Everyone is...

    Keywords: OnePlus 7 latest, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7 latest, OnePlus 7 leaked

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    iPhone updates, iPhone latest, iphone prices hiked in india after increased customs duty, Smartphones

    iPhone Prices Hiked In India After Increased Customs Duty 19 December 2017

    iPhone Prices Hiked In India After Increased Customs Duty:- The Indian government increased the basic customs duty on all the imported mobile phones which came as a shocker for many. It was 10% earlier and it is now increased to...

    Keywords: iPhone India, iPhone updates, iPhone, iPhone news

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    Launch, Blackberry STEK 50, blackberry launches dtek50 dtek60 smartphones, Smartphones

    Blackberry Launches DTEK50 & DTEK60 Smartphones 07 November 2016

    Canadian smartphone company, BlackBerry launched DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 on Monday. BlackBerry DTEK 50 is priced at 21,990 and the DTEK 60 is priced at Rs 46,990. The company also announced a new distribution partnership with Optimus. DTEK 50 Features:...

    Keywords: Blackberry DTEK 60, Launch, technology, Blackberry STEK 50

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    Samsung S10 next, Samsung S10 updates, samsung back to the top slot in the first quarter in india, Smartphones

    Samsung Back to the Top Slot in the First Quarter in India 07 May 2019

    Samsung Back to the Top Slot in the First Quarter in India:- Samsung was once the leader in the country in mobile phone sales. Samsung even dethroned Nokia and raced to the top once smartphones took the lead. Soon, Redmi...

    Keywords: Samsung, Samsung S10 next, Samsung S10 next, Samsung S10 updates

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    Honor Waterplay 8 tablet next, Honor, honor launches waterplay 8 tablet, Smartphones

    Honor Launches Waterplay 8 Tablet 01 November 2018

    Honor Launches Waterplay 8 Tablet:- Honor, the sub-brand of Huwaei launched Honor Magic 2 and Honor Waterplay 8 in a grand event in China. Along with these, it also announced wireless earbuds, smartwatch and a tablet. The earbuds have been...

    Keywords: Honor Waterplay 8 tablet specifications, Honor Waterplay 8 tablet new, Honor Waterplay 8 tablet latest, Honor

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    Redmi Note 7 Pro colours, Redmi Note 7 Pro price, redmi note 7 pro with 48 megapixel camera announced, Smartphones

    Redmi Note 7 Pro With 48-Megapixel Camera Announced 28 February 2019

    Redmi Note 7 Pro With 48-Megapixel Camera Announced:- Xiaomi is racing ahead in India and is leading the list in smartphone sales. Dethroning Samsung and Nokia, Xiaomi is the leading seller of mobile phones and holds a lion's share in...

    Keywords: Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro news, Redmi Note 7 Pro specifications, Redmi Note 7 Pro latest

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    launch, technology, google launches pixel pixel xl smartphones, Smartphones

    Google Launches Pixel & Pixel XL Smartphones 05 October 2016

    Google has finally unveiled the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday. Google Pixel will be launched in India with pre-orders set to begin October 13. The price in India will  start at...

    Keywords: Google, Pixel XL, launch, technology

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    Xiaomi Mi A1, Xiaomi Mi A1 stopped, shocker xiaomi discontinues android one phone in india, Smartphones

    Shocker: Xiaomi Discontinues Android One Phone In India 16 April 2018

    Shocker: Xiaomi Discontinues Android One Phone In India:- Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has been racing to the top  and is flooded with new arrivals. Indians have been extremely impressed with the smartphones and Xiaomi last year launched Android Oreo smartphone...

    Keywords: Xiaomi Mi A1 discontinued, Xiaomi Mi A1 new, Xiaomi Mi A1 stopped, Xiaomi Mi A1 new

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    Nokia 9 Pureview news, Nokia 9 Pureview latest, nokia 9 pureview with five rear cameras launched, Smartphones

    Nokia 9 Pureview With Five Rear Cameras Launched 25 February 2019

    Nokia 9 Pureview With Five Rear Cameras Launched:- After a bunch of speculations, Nokia 9 Pureview has been launched officially through an event at HMD Global. The press event took place in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia 9 Pureview comes with Google's...

    Keywords: Nokia 9 Pureview latest, Nokia 9 Pureview updates, Nokia 9 Pureview, Nokia 9 Pureview

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    Panasonic India, Panasonic India, panasonic india launches two new budget camera centric smartphones, Smartphones

    Panasonic India Launches Two New Budget Camera-Centric Smartphones 19 September 2017

    Panasonic India Launches Two New Budget Camera-Centric Smartphones:- Panasonic India to ramp up its presence during the festive season has launched two smartphones - Eluga Ray 500 and Eluga Ray 700 - in the country. The Eluga Ray 500 is...

    Keywords: Eluga Ray 700, Panasonic India, Camera-Centric Smartphones, Panasonic India

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    Samsung foldable smartphone, Samsung, samsung unveils a foldable smartphone, Smartphones

    Samsung Unveils A Foldable Smartphone 08 November 2018

    Samsung Unveils A Foldable Smartphone:- Samsung one of the leading smartphone makers formally unveiled a foldable smartphone form factor that is based on an infinity flex display. The foldable smartphone has been unveiled at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2018) in...

    Keywords: Samsung, Samsung foldable smartphone next, Samsung foldable smartphone next, Samsung foldable smartphone

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    Red Magic 3 updates, Red Magic 3 price, nubia red magic 3 launched, Smartphones

    Nubia Red Magic 3 Launched 29 May 2019

    Nubia Red Magic 3 Launched:- Red Magic 3 has been highly successful across the circles of China. Now, Red Magic 3 is gearing up for an official global release. Red Magic 3 is the first industry's active liquid cooling system...

    Keywords: Red Magic 3 updates, Red Magic 3 release, Red Magic 3 updates, Red Magic 3 latest

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    Ban, Meetings, no smartphones allowed inside cabinet meetings pm modi to his ministers, Smartphones

    "No Smartphones Allowed Inside Cabinet Meetings": PM Modi to his Ministers 21 October 2016

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a new directive in order to prevent the leakage of all sensitive information regarding important policy matters and decisions. He has ordered all his cabinet ministers not to carry any smartphones and other mobile...

    Keywords: Circular, Ministers, Circular, Cabinet

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    Realme 3 Pro updates, Redmi Note 7 Pro, realme 3 pro is a tough competitor for redmi note 7 pro, Smartphones

    Realme 3 Pro is a Tough Competitor for Redmi Note 7 Pro 22 April 2019

    Realme 3 Pro is a Tough Competitor for Redmi Note 7 Pro:- After the two installments of Realme got thumping response, the next one Realme 3 Pro is all set for grand release in the country. With decent price range...

    Keywords: Realme 3 Pro updates, Realme 3 Pro review, Realme 3 Pro latest, Realme 3 Pro latest

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    Nokia 1, Nokia 1 latest, nokia unveils budget smartphones in india, Smartphones

    Nokia Unveils Budget Smartphones In India 27 March 2018

    Nokia Unveils Budget Smartphones In India:- During the MWC 2018, HMD Global announced about the budget smartphones of Nokia last month. Now, as promised, the budget smartphone for Indian users has been released. Nokia 1 has been launched at Rs...

    Keywords: Nokia 1 latest, Nokia 1, Nokia 1 price, Nokia 1 specifications

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    Redmi 5A price, Redmi 5A price, redmi launches redmi 5a, Smartphones

    Redmi Launches Redmi 5A 30 November 2017

    Redmi Launches Redmi 5A:- Xiaomi has been racing ahead in India's market and is soon in plans to occupy the lion's share. Xiaomi has been in news for the entry-level mobiles for cheaper prices. Now the cheapest offering from Xiaomi...

    Keywords: Redmi 5A updates, Redmi 5A, Redmi 5A news, Redmi 5A specifications

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    OnePlus 6 most selling phone, OnePlus 6 updates, oneplus 6 turns the most selling premium smartphone in india, Smartphones

    OnePlus 6 Turns The Most Selling Premium Smartphone In India 31 July 2018

    OnePlus 6 Turns The Most Selling Premium Smartphone In India:- OnePlus 6 created a sensation across the globe and it turned out to be the most selling premium smartphone in the country during the second quarter of the year. OnePlus...

    Keywords: OnePlus 6 news, OnePlus 6 news, OnePlus 6 updates, OnePlus 6 sales

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    iPad Mini 5th gen, iPad Mini price in India, apple ipad mini review portable with latest technology, Smartphones

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology 18 April 2019

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology:- iPad Mini holds a special place in the hearts of Apple products lovers. The first generation iPad Mini was announced on October 23rd in the year 2012. Realizing the demand and love...

    Keywords: iPad Mini price in India, iPad Mini 5th gen, iPad Mini 5th gen, iPad Mini new

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    Redmi 7A news, Redmi 7A, redmi 7a launched in india, Smartphones

    Redmi 7A Launched in India 06 July 2019

    Redmi 7A Launched in India:- Xiaomi is racing to the top among the smartphone sales in the country. Redmi 7A has been launched in the Indian market after Redmi 5A and Redmi 6A have been named as the largest selling...

    Keywords: Redmi 7A, Redmi, Redmi 7A news, Redmi 7A in India

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    Redmi, Andhra Pradesh, xiaomi unveils second manufacturing unit in india, Smartphones

    Xiaomi Unveils Second Manufacturing Unit In India 21 March 2017

    Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, has joined hands with a Taiwanese electronics contract manufacturing giant, Foxconn Technology Group. The two companies have aimed to set up Xiaomi’s second manufacturing unit in India at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. Financial and the...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, Xiaomi India, Redmi, Xiaomi Smartphones

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