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    9/11, rugby, morning wishesh condoles the death of suman eenadu, Rugby

    Morning Wishesh condoles the death of Suman (Eenadu) 07 September 2012

    Well Sorry folks, we could not update the morning Wishesh on Thursday, due to technical reasons. Its a bright Friday today with folks arriving at their offices much on time as  this one day work would take them to their...

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    most horrible sports injuries., Rucking, man plays rugby with ripped scrotum, Rugby

    Man plays rugby with ripped scrotum 07 September 2013

    This man has, to put it simply, balls of steel. Wayne Thomas "Buck" Shelford shocked and awed everyone at the same time during one fateful match that left him walking with a hanging testicle. This news is not new, but...

    Keywords: worst sports injuries, Man plays rugby with ripped scrotum, most horrible sports injuries., Man plays rugby with hanging testicle

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