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  • weird facts, weird facts, horror movies burn calories, Interesting facts

    Horror movies burn calories 09 April 2015

    Burning calories from squats or regular exercises is anyway a known fact and not following that system   is much more a known fact, may be because of the busy schedules we have, or laziness or whatever the reason is. But...

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    Butterball, Mahabalipuram, 250 ton rock on 4 feet base, Interesting facts

    250 ton rock on 4 feet base 11 April 2015

    Krishna's Butter Ball on the famous Mahabalipuram was, is and always the mystery till date.  As it is shown in the pic, the hill which is just 30 feet high presently was once very high. But the land here is...

    Keywords: Butterball, Mahabalipuram, Mahabalipuram, Mahabalipuram

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    Tara Chowchary’s assistant, Hyderabad police, tara chowdhary case interesting facts come to light, Interesting facts

    Tara Chowdhary case: Interesting facts come to light 27 April 2012

    The case of Tollywood actress Tara Chowdhary-who was arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring-is taking new turns everyday. Interesting facts came to light when the police arrested the assistant of Tara Chowdhary, Haneef. Haneef has said that he was...

    Keywords: Haneef, Tara Chowdhary, VIPs, Hyderabad police

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    Weird facts, Weird facts, drill the land you find these, Interesting facts

    Drill the land, you find these 10 April 2015

    We walk, we run, we jump, we sleep and do all kind of activities on earth. If we dig a hole, what all we find is much more mud, but do you know what our scientists found, lets get into...

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    footpath, mountains, footpath on the cliff of mountain, Interesting facts

    Footpath on the cliff of mountain 14 April 2015

    A team of workers in China are attempting a very dare step risking their lives on a very high mountain.Getting into the details, a mountain in Pingjiang, Hunan province, China is one of the highest one in the concerned country....

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    Four tusked elephants, 7Mn years back, pachyderm colonies exist 7 mn years report, Interesting facts

    Pachyderm colonies exist 7 Mn years - report 24 February 2012

    The pachyderms that are among the primitive beings on this earth, seemed to have followed the colony system, even before man evolved…. Some 7mn years back. The heavy pachyderms had dominated the earth since quite long. But an interesting fact...

    Keywords: Four tusked elephants, Elephant history, Elephant history, About Elephants

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    interesting facts, interesting facts, can eat wives in hunger, Interesting facts

    Can eat wives in hunger 10 April 2015

    When we are in hungry, we generally eat anything that a normal human being do. But do we eat that normal human being. The answer is yes in Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabian grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued...

    Keywords: Weird facts, Saudi Arabia, Unbelievable facts, Unbelievable facts

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    Weird news, unbelievable facts, kid turns to vendor for disabled brother, Interesting facts

    Kid turns to vendor for disabled brother 15 April 2015

    What does a five year old girl generally know. Eating chocolates, making noise and all such things. But what is your feeling when you come across a child who loves her disabled brother to that extent that she is even...

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    unbelievable facts, sleeping, man sleeping on the moving conveyor, Interesting facts

    Man sleeping on the moving conveyor 16 April 2015

    A moving conveyor belt at any Airport is generally used for holding the luggage. Few children sometimes love to play stepping on it. We smile at them taking them to be kids. But if we observe an elder man not...

    Keywords: sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping

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    Weird news, Weird news, women falls into wormhole, Interesting facts

    Women falls into wormhole 16 April 2015

    The influence of the electronic gadgets on the present day youth is taking waves. But due to this wave there might be another wave that might take you away..confused ? Come down to know in detail.A 21 year old student...

    Keywords: wormhole, wormhole, Weird news, waves

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    exhibitions, unbelievable facts, locked in bank vault no oxygen, Interesting facts

    Locked in bank vault, no oxygen 14 April 2015

    Two art lovers were accidentally locked in bank and were suffered for few hours severely staying there itself. Jacob Church, 21, and Joe Tobin, 29, were at an art exhibition in an old bank building watching the arts and suddenly...

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    , , 3 movie stills, Interesting facts

    3 Movie Stills 21 March 2012

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    Mahesh stunts, Mahesh stunts, syder movie production designer reveals interesting facts about prince mahesh, Interesting facts

    Syder Movie Production Designer Reveals Interesting Facts About Prince Mahesh 17 April 2017

    The production designer, Rupin Suchak, of Superstar and Prince Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film, Spyder, has made some interesting revelations about the star. Suchak revealed that the actor himself has done some interesting stunts in the action-thriller. In a recent interview,...

    Keywords: Mahesh Babu, Mahesh stunts, Mahesh stunts, Superstar

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    unbelievable facts, Weird facts, urination on moon, Interesting facts

    Urination on Moon 10 April 2015

    Urinating on public walls, public places is strictly prohibited but what about urinating on moon ? Generally we sing few songs on moon and we enjoy watching moon, but can we urinate on it..?  We know the man who first...

    Keywords: Astronomers, Weird facts, Weird facts, Weird facts

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    , , 3 audio function, Interesting facts

    3 Audio Function 21 March 2012

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