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  • Mensa IQ Test, Mensa IQ Test, 13 year old indian origin boy gets top score in mensa iq test, Indian origin

    13-Year Old Indian Origin Boy Gets Top Score In Mensa IQ Test 28 August 2017

    13-Year Old Indian Origin Boy Gets Top Score In Mensa IQ Test:- A 13-Year old Indian-origin boy, Dhruv Garg from Wokingham in south east England, in the UK, has got the highest possible score on a Mensa IQ Test. The...

    Keywords: Mensa IQ Test, 13-Year Old Indian Origin Boy, 13-Year Old Indian Origin Boy, UK

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    Millionaire, Online Estate Agency, 19 year old indian origin teen becomes uk s youngest millionare, Indian origin

    19-Year Old Indian-Origin Teen Becomes UK’s Youngest Millionare 17 October 2017

    19-Year Old Indian-Origin Teen Becomes UK’s Youngest Millionare:- A 19-year old Indian-origin teenager, Akshay Ruparelia, is now one of the Britain’s youngest millionaires. The online estate agency business of Akshay got valued at 12 million pounds in just one year....

    Keywords: Estate Agency, Akshay Ruparelia, Britain, Akshay Ruparelia

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    Pravasi Bharatiya, Satya Nadella, satya nadella gets pravasi bharatiya, Indian origin

    Satya Nadella gets Pravasi Bharatiya 09 January 2015

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been selected for the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award 2015 by the Union government of India for his immense contribution towards the field of technology. Along with Satya Nadella, 15 other prominent NRI personalities were selected...

    Keywords: Mala Mehta, Satya Nadella, Pravasi Bharatiya, Pravasi Bharatiya

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    Narendra Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, indian origin doctor shot dead in us, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Doctor Shot Dead In US 08 May 2017

    An Indian-American doctor has been shot dead under mysterious circumstances in his car in the US state of Michigan, at Detroit on Thursday night. The victim has been identified as Dr Ramesh Kumar (32), who hailed from Chettikulangara near Mavelikara,...

    Keywords: Indian-origin Doctor,  Pravasi Bharathiya Samman,  Kerala, Narendra Kumar

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    New York State Police, Cornell University, indian origin student found dead in us, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Student Found Dead In US 20 May 2017

    A 20-year-old Indian-origin student from the Cornell University was found dead in New York. Identified as Aalaap Narasipura, a senior electrical engineering student at Cornell’s College of Engineering was reportedly missing since Wednesday. The student’s body was recovered by the...

    Keywords: Indian Origin American Dead, Indian Origin American Dead, New York State Police, Ithaca Police Department

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    know your customer, Non-Resident Indians, nris pios and oics can enroll for aadhar, Indian origin

    NRIs, PIOs and OICs can enroll for Aadhar 07 August 2015

    Government has decided that Aadhaar enrolment can be made by Non-Resident Indians, Persons of Indian Origin and Overseas Citizen of India which should eventually help them to authenticate their identity digitally, Parliament was informed.“The government has decided that a longer...

    Keywords: know your customer, UIDAI, Aadhar, know your customer

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    Pratap Singh, Albert Einstein, indian schoolboy in uk wins institute of physics prize, Indian origin

    Indian schoolboy in UK wins Institute of Physics Prize 06 April 2015

    A 15-year-old Indian schoolboy in the UK has been awarded the prestigious Institute of Physics Prize for conducting an experiment which verified the effect of Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity. Pratap Singh, a student at The Perse School, Cambridge,...

    Keywords: Indian origin, Albert Einstein, Pratap Singh, Albert Einstein

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    Jeyendran Jeypal drink drive, Jeyendran Jeypal drink drive, indian origin lawyer fined rs 80 000 for drink driving in singapore, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Lawyer Fined Rs 80,000 For Drink Driving In Singapore 10 August 2018

    Indian Origin Lawyer Fined Rs 80,000 For Drink Driving In Singapore:- A senior government lawyer in Singapore has been nabbed on Friday for drink driving and has been fined Rs 80,396 (SGD 1600). He has been banned from driving for...

    Keywords: Jeyendran Jeypal, Jeyendran Jeypal drink drive, Jeyendran Jeypal updates, Jeyendran Jeypal

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    Diamorphine, Prabagaran Srivijayan, 29 year old indian origin man executed for drug trafficking despite un objection, Indian origin

    29 year-Old Indian Origin Man Executed For Drug Trafficking Despite UN Objection 14 July 2017

    29 year-Old Indian Origin Man Executed For Drug Trafficking Despite UN Objection:- Despite calls by the UN and rights groups to stop his capital punishment, a 29-year old Indian-Origin Malaysian man was executed in Singapore for smuggling drugs on Friday....

    Keywords: Central Narcotics Bureau, Drug Trafficking, Diamorphine, Drug Trafficking

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    Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, three indian origins in nz parliament, Indian origin

    Three Indian origins in NZ Parliament 22 September 2014

    Three Indian origin politicians, including a woman, have been elected to New Zealand's Parliament in the just concluded general elections. They are identified as Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Dr Parmjeet Parmar and Mahesh Bindra who have successfully managed to make it...

    Keywords: National Party, Parmjeet Parmar, Parmjeet Parmar, Parmjeet Parmar

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    US, Laura Valle Lane, revenge attack kills indian origin couple in us, Indian origin

    Revenge Attack Kills Indian Origin Couple In US 06 May 2017

    In an apparent revenge attack, an Indian-origin couple have been killed, by their daughter’s ex-boyfriend, at their residence on Wednesday night, in SanJose, US. The accused identified as Mirza Tatlic (24), fatally shot a Silicon Valley tech executive, Naren Prabhu...

    Keywords: Naren Prabhu, SanJose, US, US

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    ISIS news, World news, isis new jihadi john is an indian origin ex hindu, Indian origin

    ISIS: New Jihadi John is an Indian origin ex-Hindu 06 January 2016

    “The terrorist dubbed "new Jihadi John" and also appeared in the recent ISIS video, threatening attacks on the UK, is believed to be Indian-origin British Muslim convert,” the media reports said. In 2014, Siddhartha Dhar, alias Abu Rumaysah, the 32 year...

    Keywords: ISIS news, ISIS, ISIS, Jihadi John

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    Indian-American boy, Intel Foundation, intel young scientist award won by an indian origin boy, Indian origin

    Intel 'Young Scientist' award won by an Indian origin boy 18 May 2015

    18-year-old Indian origin boy is being awarded the prestigious Intel Foundation ‘Young Scientist’ Award for inventing a device that can quickly shut down undersea oil spills. Karan Jerath of Friendswood, Texas, won USD 50,000 top prize on Friday at this...

    Keywords: Undersea oil spills, Young Scientist, Young Scientist, Young Scientist

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    Singapore’s Acting President, Singapore’s Acting President, indian origin civil servant appointed as singapore s acting prez, Indian origin

    Indian-Origin Civil Servant Appointed As Singapore’s Acting Prez 01 September 2017

    Indian-Origin Civil Servant Appointed As Singapore’s Acting Prez:- Until a new head of state is sworn in later this month, an  Indian-origin veteran civil servant, J Y Pillay has been appointed as Singapore’s acting president. Pillay, Chairman of the Council...

    Keywords: Civil Servant, Singapore’s Acting President, Civil Servant, Civil Servant

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    Immigration Duping, Federal Agents, two indian origin men arrested for posing as federal agents in us, Indian origin

    Two-Indian Origin Men Arrested For Posing As Federal Agents In US 09 June 2017

    Two-Indian Origin Men Arrested For Posing As Federal Agents In US:- In a much shameful act, two Indian-origin men were arrested yesterday for cheating people by posing as federal agents and promising them immigration status in the US. The defendants...

    Keywords: Federal Agents, Immigration Duping, Indian-Origin Men, Indian-Origin Men

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    Data Administrator, Manhattan, indian origin man saves co worker gets robbed, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Man Saves Co-Worker; Gets Robbed 02 May 2017

    A 34-year old Indian origin man, Anil Vannavalli is being showered for his courage, after he saved the life of his woman co-worker from an oncoming train. Good Samaritan got his bag robbed when he jumped on the tracks to...

    Keywords: Data Administrator, Edison train station, Anil Vannavalli, Madhuri Recherla

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    advanced technique to detect cancer, new technique to diagnose cancer, indian origin scientist developed new tool for cancer diagnosis, Indian origin

    Indian origin scientist developed new tool for cancer diagnosis 14 May 2015

    Rohit Bhargava, an IIT Delhi graduate in assistance with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has developed stainless staining that provides a new tool for clinicians and researchers for better diagnosis of cancer. Till today, prepared biopsy samples are stained and...

    Keywords: advanced technique to detect cancer, Advanced imaging technique for cancer diagnosis, Advanced imaging technique for cancer diagnosis, new technique to diagnose cancer

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    Donald Trump Muslim Ban, NASA Scientist Arrest, indian origin muslim nasa scientist arrested at us border, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Muslim NASA Scientist Arrested at US Border 15 February 2017

    In a shocking incident, an Indian-origin NASA scientist who is a Muslim was arrested at the US border by customs officials on Wednesday. He was also forced to unlock his PIN-protected work phone. Sidd Bikkannavar, 35, said in a post...

    Keywords: Indian Origin Muslim, Indian Origin Muslim, NASA Scientist Arrest, the US border

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    Amitabh Bachchan, Unicef, big b as ap brand ambassador, Indian origin

    Big B as AP Brand Ambassador 06 January 2015

    Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has been named as the Brand Ambassador of Andhra Pradesh state's Health Ministry. AP government has confirmed Big B's appointment while the actor came forward to provide his services without charging anything. Amitabh has been associated...

    Keywords: Amitabh Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan as AP brand ambassador, Amitabh Bachchan as AP brand ambassador, Amitabh Bachchan as AP brand ambassador

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    Jumana Nagarwala, US doctor, indian origin female doctor charged with genital mutilation in the us, Indian origin

    Indian Origin Female Doctor Charged With Genital Mutilation In The US 14 April 2017

    A 44-year old Indian-origin female doctor, identified as, Jumana Nagarwala, has been seized and charged on performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on girls, in the US. This is believed to be the first such case in the US, of performing...

    Keywords: Female genital mutilation, Indian origin, WHO, Indian origin

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