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    Vietnam keep fit program emphasise on Laughter yoga 26 September 2011

    Laughter yoga predominantly known as the Laughter therapy is on the anvil for Vietnam’s fitness geeks. It has grown in popularity in Vietnam, creating a new club of fanatics who gather in the morning’s everyday to chuckle and chortle their...

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    Walk in a park to increase memory skills 16 May 2012

    Walking is most essential to keep fit, say fitness geeks. And true to their word, morning walks has an immense positive effect on your mindset while toning your body. However anytime walking in a dense park has incredible effect on...

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    Indian geeks at Google Science Fair 13 June 2012

    Among the fifteen finalists selected for the Google Science Fair, three are Indian teens. 16-year old Rohit Fenn and Raghavendra Ramachandran (17) qualified for the final round from Bangalore, while Sumit Singh (14) has made it from Lucknow, Google India...

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