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  • Cigarettes, Cigarettes, tii urges govt to enforce high taxation on illegal cigarettes, E cigarettes

    TII Urges Govt To Enforce High Taxation On Illegal Cigarettes 30 March 2017

    The Tobacco Institute of India (TII) has urged the government to impose high taxation on the cigarette smuggling. The goods and services tax (GST) is an opportunity to address the high tax, investment, available with cigarette smuggling syndicates. TII said,...

    Keywords: Illegal Cigarettes, Cigarette Smuggling, Cigarettes, Taxation

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    Punjab government, Punjab state bans loose cigarettes sales, punjab bans loose cigarettes sales, E cigarettes

    Punjab bans loose cigarettes sales 07 January 2015

    The government of Punjab became the first state to ban the sales of loose cigarettes and tobacco in the state. On Tuesday, the government has issued a notification, banning the sales of loose cigarettes in the state as per Section...

    Keywords: section 7 COTPA, cigarettes sales, Punjab government, cigarettes sales

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    Islam, weird facts, jihadis sell girls for a pack of cigarettes, E cigarettes

    Jihadis sell girls for a pack of cigarettes 09 June 2015

    UN envoy, Zainab Bangura said that, “girls who are abducted as slaves by Islamic state (Isis) fighters in Syria and Iraq are being sold for as little as a pack of cigarettes.Bangura, who visited the war-torn countries in the Middle...

    Keywords: Islam, Islam, Islam, weird facts

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    e-cigarette liquid consumption rate, e-cigarette liquid consumption rate, flavored e cigarettes may be dangerous says study, E cigarettes

    Flavored E-Cigarettes may be dangerous, says study 17 April 2015

    According to a new study, the researchers found that high levels of chemicals used to flavor some brands of e-cigarettes are bad for health. They examined 30 different brands of e-cigarette samples in US and found certain flavoring chemicals were...

    Keywords: e-cigarette disadvantages, vanillin and benzaldehyde in e-cigarette, e-cigarette chemicals harm health, e-cigarette liquid consumption rate

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    Faked by china, Dabur faked by China, 5 billion worth of indian made products faked by china, E cigarettes

    $5 Billion worth of Indian made Products faked by China 03 January 2012

    Chinese manufacturers are increasingly "faking" popular Indian products of consumer goods giants such as Dabur and ITC, undermining the legitimacy of brands and causing A recent survey from the US has come out with the finding that worldwide 10 per...

    Keywords: $5 billion loss with Chinese faked Dabur, Faked by china, Dabur faked by China, Dabur faked by China

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    no smoking, smoke cigarettes, new rehab for cigarettes, E cigarettes

    New rehab for cigarettes? 14 May 2013

    Generally, most people who try to quit smoking try joining some groups and try to get some counselling to prevent further damage. But when nothing seems to work, only extreme measure should be taken. A woman from US state of...

    Keywords: smoke cigarettes, deputy sherrif, deputy sherrif, smoke cigarettes

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    VAT, tobacco consumption in India, ban tobacco in army canteens, E cigarettes

    Ban Tobacco in Army canteens 09 July 2014

    Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has written to Defence Minister Arun Jaitley to ban tobacco products in Army canteens. In the letter Mr. Vardhan said that the Defence Ministry should revisit its policy of making available cigarettes and other...

    Keywords: VAT, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, tobacco consumption in India, Health Minister Harsh Vardha

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    Charger, Atomizer, what is the essential electronic cigarette supplies, E cigarettes

    What is the Essential Electronic Cigarette Supplies? 05 September 2012

    If you are just starting out with electronic cigarettes, you may know that there are already several different systems available. Each type will usually have cartridge refills which contain liquid smoke fluid that may be flavored in various ways to...

    Keywords: Cartridges, Help for ur health, Big Pieces to Electronic Cigarettes, Essential Electronic Cigarettes

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    Budget 2013, Tobacco products, budget 2013 cigarettes suvs and marbles will be costlier, E cigarettes

    Budget 2013: Cigarettes, SUVs and marbles will be costlier! 28 February 2013

    After Finance Minister P Chidambaram proposed to hike the excise duty on cigarettes to 18 per cent as a result Tobacco products will become costlier Moreover, sports utility vehicles will also be costly after Mr Chidambaram announced a hike in...

    Keywords: budget, Budget 2013, excise duty, Price hike in Cigarettes

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    NDA government, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003, rs 20 000 fine for smoking in public, E cigarettes

    Rs 20,000 fine for smoking in public? 11 September 2014

    Soon, if you are caught smoking cigarette in public places, then you might end up paying Rs 20,000 as fine. The Union government is considering to increase the amount of fine by 100 times which is currently only Rs 200...

    Keywords: Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003, Smoking Cigarette, NDA government

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    Cigarettes, Indian Health Ministry, india tough on cigarette packing, E cigarettes

    India tough on cigarette packing 15 October 2014

    Indian government has taken tough call on the tobacco consumption and made it mandatory for tobacco companies to allot 85 per cent space on packets of cigarettes and other tobacco products to warnings. Along with this, the government has issued...

    Keywords: pictorial warning on cigarettes packs., pictorial warning on cigarettes packs., Cigarettes, Indian Health Ministry

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    menthol cigarettes, non-menthol cigarettes, mint flavoured cigarettes cant be easily given up, E cigarettes

    Mint-flavoured cigarettes cant' be easily given up 24 July 2013

    United States (US) regulators on Tuesday brought into prominence a review of scientific data that revealed the fact that menthol cigarettes are harder to quit than regular kinds, at the same time asked for public input on a possible ban....

    Keywords: menthol cigarettes, united states (us) regulators, mint-flavoured cigarettes cant' be easily given up, newer smokers.

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    counselling, AIIMS, gutka ban boon or bane, E cigarettes

    Gutka ban: Boon or Bane? 12 September 2012

    Recently many states in the nation have introduced the gutka ban to completely eradicate the use of gutka. It was proved that over 40% of the oral cancer cases are associated with chewing gutka. But is the ban on gutka...

    Keywords: paan masala, AIIMS, counselling, Gutka

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    Tobacco Kills, Bombay High Court, smoking health of 85 lakhs, E cigarettes

    Smoking Health of 85 Lakhs 23 July 2013

    As per the observations made by the Maharashtra Government, 85 lakhs of people will die of oral and lung cancer by 2015 at the present rate.  The Government thus put tabs on the advertisement on tobacco products by framing Cigarettes...

    Keywords: Cigarettes and Tobacco Products, Smoking Health, Smoking Health, Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

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    Harley Davidson Motor Bikes, WHO, apollo bike rally, E cigarettes

    Apollo Bike rally 30 May 2013

    Today is World No Tobacco day.  Apollo Hospital made a novel way of bringing awareness among the youth as to the deadly effect of tobacco on the human beings. Apollo hospital in collaboration with the Harley Davidson Motor Bikes organized...

    Keywords: World Health Assembly, lung related ailments, World No Tobacco day, Badminton sports woman Gutta Jwala

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    cancer, health tips, no difference in cigarettes and meat, E cigarettes

    No difference in cigarettes and meat 20 June 2015

    A meat is tasty when cooked well, delicious when smoked well. But horrible, as there are heavy chances of leading to cancer through such smoked meat.In fact, not only meat, any kind of smoked food has the chances of leading...

    Keywords: cigarettes, cancer, cancer, cigarettes

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