• , July 6th, eega creating a lot of buzz, Creative

    'Eega' creating a lot of Buzz. 29 June 2012

    After literally dragging the release of the film for various reasons for more than 2 months from May to July, S.S. Raja Mouli’s ‘Eega’ has been finally scheduled for a release on July 6th. so far, every talk about the...

    Keywords: Music MM Keeravani, July 6th, Music MM Keeravani, Music MM Keeravani

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    Finest music composers in India, Ilayaraja, yuvan shankar raja steady for bollywood debut, Creative

    Yuvan Shankar Raja steady for Bollywood debut! 02 July 2013

    Composer par excellence Ilayaraja's son Yuvan is putting in preparedness to make his Bollywood debut as a music director for Emraan Hashmi's next film, to be directed by Kunal Deshmukh Yuvan's talent has been compared with that of Oscar-winner A...

    Keywords: Yuvan Shankar Raja Bollywood debut, Bollywood music, Manish Hariprasad, Oscar-winner A R Rahman

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    tips for creativity, tips for creativity, power of creative imagination, Creative

    Power of Creative Imagination 16 February 2012

    Imagination is the secret of life because it is what you see in your mind's eye that you have the unction to go after. Imagination is the element in nature with which you can create your future. It is in...

    Keywords: Creativity, tips for creativity, tips for creativity, Imagination

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    Ram Gopal Varma, controversial director, varma in news with another creative thought of his, Creative

    Varma in news with another 'creative' thought of his... 15 May 2012

    One of the most controversial directors of Indian Cinema, Ram Gopal Varma, is in news almost all the time... the reason could be his Horror films, that are a mere re make of his 10 year back stories, his strategy...

    Keywords: Mumbai backdrop, controversial director, Mumbai backdrop, Mumbai backdrop

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    WTF signboards, funny Indians, 6 wtf signboards by creative indians, Creative

    6 WTF signboards by creative Indians 27 July 2015

    Be it due to ignorance or with the intention of entertaining the public, Indians try to expose their WTF sense of humor. Here are the few sign boards, where the creativity of the Indians can be exhibited wide.    Also...

    Keywords: WTF signboards, funny Indians, WTF, WTF

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    creative brains, creative power, how creative are you, Creative

    HOW CREATIVE ARE YOU? 21 February 2013

    The Creativity Quiz probably brought to light some of the things which are blocking your creative potential. Here are some other creativity blockers to be aware, and beware, of: HabitFear of making mistakes UpbringingLanguageFear of consequencesThe weight of previous “models”Absolute...

    Keywords: the creativity quiz, creative brains, brain, brain power

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    Bollywood Latest Interview 2010, Saat Khoon Maaf 2010, i do films for creatives, Creative

    I do Films for creatives 26 September 2010

    Priyanka Chopra says, she has broken free of the glam doll image and joined the league of Bollywood stars who can perform."It's so difficult to make that transition when you're perceived to be glamorous... Even a glamorous role should be...

    Keywords: Priyanka Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Saat Khoon Maaf 2010

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    Ram Charan Ruler movie, KS Rama Rao, ram charan s ruler from summer, Creative

    Ram Charan's Ruler from Summer 05 March 2014

    Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Tej who has confirmed working with director Boyapati Srinu will take the project to sets this Summer. Charan is currently busy shooting for Krishna Vamsi's flick in Kanyakumari and will return to Hyderabad in May. So...

    Keywords: Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Tej, Tollywood News, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Tej, Ram Charan Ruler movie

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    Hyderabad news, SSC  results in Hyderabad, 100 pass success in ssc for ms creative school, Creative

    100% pass success in SSC for MS Creative school 18 May 2013

    The MS Creative school has made the community proud by winning 100% pass success in SSC for the second consecutive year. Mr. Mohammed Lafeef Khan who is the Managing director MS Education Academy has expressed his immense happiness and satisfaction...

    Keywords: Hyderabad news update, MS Education Academy, SSC results in MS Creative school, MS Creative school wins 100% pass success in SSC

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    diy stylus for phone, diy stylus, diy wishesh capacitative stylus for your mobile phone, Creative

    DIY Wishesh Capacitative Stylus for your mobile phone 26 February 2013

    Mobile phones with touchscreens are the order of the day and there are newer generations of phones replacing the older ones everyday. Older phones with a physical keypads are obsolete today anyway and the newer generation of phones and tablets...

    Keywords: diy stylus for tablets, DIY wishesh, diy stylus for tablets, diy creative ideas

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    the ancient 

martial art. Vikram sees Anjali (sree divya) and falls in love with 

her and soon, it has 

done very poorly on the storyline. While the first half looks silly 

and repetitive, manasara movie review, Creative

    Manasara Movie Review 14 December 2010

    Film: MANASAARABanner: Moving ImagesCast: Vikram, Sree Divya, Bhanuchander, George Vincent, Ramaraju, Annapurna, Usha Sree, Krishnamohan, Anitha, M S Narayana and others.Music: Sekhar ChandraCinematography: N Sudhakar ReddyDirector: Ravi BabuProducer: K Prakash BabuRelease date: 10/12/2010Story:A routine romantic tale, the story is about...

    Keywords: Annapoorna was apt, the film focused well on technical aspects but was lacking conviction and connection with the audience. At the box office, Annapurna, he has potential. Ramaraju was regular

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    Puri Jagannadh want to remake Assembly Rowdy movie, Film Director Puri Jagannadh, will creative puri jagannadh remake a film, Creative

    Will Creative Puri Jagannadh Remake a Film? 16 November 2013

    Creative directors usually dislike remaking of a film as there will not be any scope for their creativity. Puri Jagannadh is one of the directors who create own story line for a movie making.  But he gave a nod to...

    Keywords: Actor Manchu Vishnu, Puri Jagannadh want to remake Assembly Rowdy movie, Will Creative Puri Jagannadh Remake a Film, Mohan Babu's film Assembly Rowdy

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    relaxation tips, tips for Creativity, increase creativity, Creative

    Increase Creativity 16 December 2011

    Are you living your life by design or life by default? A longtime friend of mine came to visit me, we spent 2 days going for walks talking about things we could do together she mentioned that she would like...

    Keywords: relaxation tips, tips for Creativity, good relationship., good relationship.

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    Creative ways to Solve Problems, Creative ways to Solve Problems, creative ways to solve problem, Creative

    Creative ways to Solve Problem 03 November 2010

    Everyday, we've problems, some are easy and some are complex. Others are easy to fix especially if we're in control of the situation to solve the problem. However, there are instances where our mind is totally clueless how to solve...

    Keywords: Creative ways to Solve Problems, Creative ways to Solve Problems, Creative ways to Solve Problems, Creative ways to Solve Problems

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    Telugu movie Daruvu, Veera, daruvu on its way to creative, Creative

    'Daruvu' on its way to creative? 19 April 2012

    After a series of flop films and at a very crucial stage of his career now, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja will soon hit the silver screen with his another out and out mass film, 'Daruvu'. This time the Actor is...

    Keywords: Tapsee, Daruvu movie stills, Tapsee, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja

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    lifetime achievement award, All India Cartoonists's Association, sahitya wishesh a tribute to mario, Creative

    Sahitya Wishesh - A TRIBUTE TO MARIO 04 March 2013

    To quote from the book, "...To understand what Mario is saying to us through his drawings we have to understand his premise, which is that of the detached observer, the outsider looking in, the artist passing by... It is this...

    Keywords: Loutolim, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, Times of India, Goa

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    Entertainment News, Bandla Ganesh, ram charan kv film to fly europe, Creative

    Ram Charan - KV film to fly Europe 25 February 2014

    Ram Charan will be flying to Europe in the month of May for a long schedule for his upcoming untitled movie under the direction of creative director Krishna Vamsi. Few vital scenes and songs on Charan, Kajal will be shot...

    Keywords: Paris, Ram Charan film shooting in Europe, Paris, Entertainment News

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    interesting clock, interesting wall clock, diy wishesh make your own mega clock, Creative

    DIY Wishesh: Make your own mega-clock 02 April 2013

    Do you want to have a big creative and beautiful wall clock but you are worried that they are not affordable? Worry not for we have the best ideas for you to use with regular house hold items. Join us,...

    Keywords: clock from photos, creative clock, clock from photos, diy clock

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    Congress decision for State bifurcation, Seemandhra protests, creative protests keep samaikya warm, Creative

    Creative Protests Keep Samaikya Warm 25 September 2013

    Seemandhra protesters are inventing different types of exhibitions to make the Samaikyandhra Movement interesting and warm.  Although it started with rallies, closure of the business and educational institutions, hunger strikes and food preparations on the roads, it took many turns...

    Keywords: Congress decision for State bifurcation, Bifurcation of State, Congress decision for State bifurcation, Seemandhra protests

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    Victoria Bascom, Victoria Bascom, creative punishments of ohio judge goes viral, Creative

    Creative punishments of Ohio Judge goes viral 01 June 2015

    Judge Michael Cicconetti, who is known for making the punishment fit the crime, has decided that, instead of going to jail for 60 days, Victoria Bascom, who has deliberately not paid for her journey, for which the cab driver took...

    Keywords: Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti, Judge Michael Cicconetti, Victoria Bascom

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