• Japan, fire ring, eclipse ring enthralls sky gazers, Clip

    Eclipse ring enthralls sky gazers 21 May 2012

    To scores of people in Japan and other parts Asia, solar eclipse on Monday was a real feast to eyes!  A ring of fire that for five minutes in most parts of Japan except Hong Kong enthralled the people who...

    Keywords: solar eclipse, solar eclipse, solar eclipse, Japan

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    Nail clippers etiquette, tips for nail clippers, nail clippers etiquette, Clip

    Nail clippers etiquette! 24 May 2013

    How often do you have to face the wrath of a stray fingernail that has been sliced by your nail clippers? The small bits of nail might fly at your face and even in to your eye sometimes. At other...

    Keywords: tips for nail clippers, trimming your nails, tips for nail clippers, Nail clippers etiquette

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    pain-free, Everything about hair extensions, everything about hair extensions, Clip

    Everything about hair extensions... 21 August 2012

    Whether it is incorporating a fringe, a splash of colour or adding length and volume to your hair, extensions can help you attain any style in minutes. We tell you everything you'd want to know about hair extensions. Whether it's...

    Keywords: celebs love extensions, celebs love extensions, , pain-free

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    Nehru Olekar., KG Bopaiah, more ministers watched porn clips in assembly, Clip

    More Ministers watched porn clips in Assembly 10 March 2012

    There are few more MLAs from Karnataka who had watched porn clips in the assembly and not just the three BJP ministers who had resigned over the matter of contention, a panel said on Thursady March 8 who are investigating the...

    Keywords: Nehru Olekar., KG Bopaiah, Nehru Olekar., More Ministers watched porn clips

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    Clip Trick in Kiss, clippings from Panja & Dookudu movies, clip trick in kiss, Clip

    Clip Trick in Kiss 20 June 2013

    Small budget films are faring well as per the trend at present. But the producers and directors of those films want to add something to the movie to make the audience come to the theaters.  The audience can appreciate the...

    Keywords: Adavi Sesh's Kiss movie, Director Adavi Sesh, clippings from Panja & Dookudu movies, clippings from Panja & Dookudu movies

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    Bows look contemporary, fashion, 4 ways to wear brave the bows, Clip

    4 ways to Wear Brave the Bows 27 March 2012

    There are several fashionable ways to wear bows and some are trendier and more beautiful than the rest. Bows look contemporary and cute when sported on your waist, your clothes or your hair. There are no boundaries to your imagination...

    Keywords: Bows look contemporary, create fashion style, create fashion style, tips for wear bows

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    Lunar eclipse, Umbra phase, partial lunar eclipse will be visible tomorrow night, Clip

    Partial lunar eclipse will be visible tomorrow night 24 April 2013

    Arousing a feeling of interest, the first of the three lunar eclipses of the year will occur tomorrow, giving astro enthusiasts all over the country an opportunity to witness the celestial event. According to N Sri Raghunandan Kumar of Planetary...

    Keywords: lunar eclipse, Africa, Earth, NASA

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    lot of corruption, Raghunandan, a prolonged break, Clip

    A prolonged break! 01 June 2013

    You are watching a movie or a TV serial and a commercial break interrupts it.  It is ok for a time.  But what if the break continues for days and weeks?   That is exactly how some of the political...

    Keywords: Medak, KCR, evidence, suspension

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    MMS clip, , boy kills self after mms goes viral, Clip

    Boy kills self after MMS goes viral 22 August 2012

    A Goan from Morlem village of Sattari Taluka had killed himself after an MMS clip which showed him and his girlfriend involving in lewd acts had went viral. Arjun Mainkar, the deceased youth, 21 years old, was living in North...

    Keywords: Goan, hung himself, hung himself, Goan

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    azzam, largest yacht, world s largest private yacht from germany, Clip

    World's largest private yacht from Germany 08 April 2013

    Germany which the world holds high for being the home of the world's premier cars's stable has several other aspects to boast too. This one, though still a mode of luxury transport, is slightly different. A luxury private yacht that...

    Keywords: nauta yacht, superyacht, The eclipse, largest yacht

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    World news, World news, total solar eclipse people watch moon blocking sun in indonesia, Clip

    Total solar eclipse: People watch moon blocking sun in Indonesia 09 March 2016

    A total solar eclipse of the sun unfolded over Indonesia today, while the people gazed at the sky and celebrated the moment and few others knelt in prayer.  The rare astronomical event was witnessed along a narrow path, that stretches across...

    Keywords: Indonesia solar eclipse, Indonesia solar eclipse, total solar eclipse, Indonesia news

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    spicejet net worth, bad news for SpiceJet, operational costs clip spicejet s wings, Clip

    Operational costs clip SpiceJet's wings 28 September 2013

    Airlines have been facing the heat with economic airline SpiceJet struggling to stay afloat. In recent turn of events, rising operational costs have clipped the firm's net worth. This has in turn raised further concerns over the airline's ability to...

    Keywords: SpiceJet auditors, spicejet losses, Indian Airlines face losses, SpiceJet

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    sophie in bed, sophie leaked video, sophie scandal leaked video scandal doing rounds, Clip

    Sophie scandal: Leaked video scandal doing rounds 31 October 2012

    Bollywood actress, singer and MTV VJ, Sophie Chaudhary's leaked video is doing rounds on internet. The 15 second long video clip contains Sophie Chaudhary in bed with a man. She's draped in just inner wear. One can see Sophie Chaudhary...

    Keywords: leaked clip of sophie chaudhary, sophie chaudhary scandal, sophie in bed, sophie hidden camera

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    Lord venkateswara, lord venkateshwara temple, tirumala remains closed due to lunar eclipse, Clip

    Tirumala remains closed due to Lunar Eclipse 25 April 2013

    On account of a lunar eclipse Lord Venkateshwara Temple would remain closed during the house of the eclipse, from Thursday 5 pm to Friday morning 10 am. The information was confirmed by the sources in the TTD administration. The holy...

    Keywords: Lord venkateswara, Lord venkateswara, lunar eclipse, Tirumala temple

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    RBI, RBI chairperson, rbi governor s veto power to be clipped, Clip

    RBI Governor’s veto power to be clipped 24 July 2015

    The revised draft of the Indian Financial Code (IFC), released by the finance ministry has proposed the taking away the RBI chief's authority to veto the interest rate decision of the Central bank's monetary policy committee. The draft has also...

    Keywords: Indian Financial Code, Indian Financial Code, RBI, Indian Financial Code

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    School Jokes, School Jokes, moon s inner voice after people enjoyed solar eclipse, Clip

    Moon's inner voice after people enjoyed solar eclipse 09 March 2016

    News: Indonesians thrilled with the total Solar eclipse todayMoon's inner voice: They are celebrating when I was blocked by moon. They don’t know that, if I decide to take revenge and stop coming completely, things turn utter miserable.By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Jokes, Funny Jokes, School Jokes

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    wash room spy cam clippings, tamil nadu news, village women spycamed by miscreants, Clip

    Village women, spycamed by miscreants 18 August 2012

    To what extent perversion lead one too, is an example of case that had brought the plight of women in a village near Madurai. Five men who were also residents of the same village installed spy cameras in bedrooms of...

    Keywords: women spycamed, women spycamed, tamil news, tamil nadu gossips

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    girl friend nude pictures, Hyderabad software engineer, increasing cyber crimes man held for posting nude pictures of a girl, Clip

    Increasing cyber crimes, man held for posting nude pictures of a girl 26 April 2012

    "Literary education is of no value if it is not able to build up a sound character."  -M K Gandhi Youths who are called as backbones to the country are leaving behind morals and ethics that education taught them and...

    Keywords: Vishal Madipalli, Vishal Madipalli, Vishal Madipalli, cyber Crimes

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    money, tweet, did karan johar pay kamaal r khan, Clip

    Did Karan Johar Pay Kamaal R Khan? 02 September 2016

    Two much hyped movies; Ajay Devg'n starrer ‘Shivaay’ and Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Muskhil’ are slated to hit the theaters on the same day, 28th October 2016. Now one audio clip that is the recording of actor Kamaal R Khan, in which he  allegedly...

    Keywords: movie, Shivaay, Shivaay, Karan Johar

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    Sanjay Dutt MMS clip goes viral, Sanjay Dutt MMS clip goes viral, sanjay dutt mms clip goes viral, Clip

    Sanjay Dutt MMS clip goes viral 18 April 2014

    Bollywood Munnabhai Sanjay Dutt has again made it to the headlines and this time not for his extension of parole but a MMS clip of his singing and playing guitar video.  Before leaving to jail, Sanjay hosted a dinner party...

    Keywords: Celebrity news, Hot Buzz, Actor Sanjay Dutt, Actor Sanjay Dutt

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