• Churches in Andhra Pradesh, Medak Church, festival fervor in the state, Christians

    Festival Fervor in the State 25 December 2013

    All Churches are decorated and people believe in Christian faith hanged stars over their houses indicating the birth of Jesus. Prayers are going on with devotion.  As Christmas is the main festival of Christians the churches are thronged by them...

    Keywords: Annavaram, Special News, Hindu Temples, Bhadrachalam

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    VHP, VHP, vhp re converted 7 5 lakh muslims christians togadia, Christians

    VHP re-converted 7.5 lakh Muslims, Christians - Togadia 09 January 2016

    Pravin Togadia, international working president of VHP said that, in the last ten years, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has succeeded in re-converting five lakh Christians and 2.5 lakh Muslims to Hinduism. Speaking at a function today, he even called a...

    Keywords: India news, Togadia speech, ram temple in Ayodhya, India news

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    suicide bomber Pakistan Lahore, suicide bomber Pakistan Lahore, christians targeted suicide bomb in pakistan, Christians

    Christians targeted, suicide bomb in Pakistan 28 March 2016

    According to the health ministry officials, in a horrifying suicide blast outside a public park, Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore, at least 65 people have been killed and over 300 others injured. Reportedly, people from the Christian community were out...

    Keywords: suicide bomb, suicide bomber Pakistan Lahore, suicide bomber Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan news

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    Goan food fest, Goan Christians settled in Karach, karachi readies for goan food fest, Christians

    Karachi readies for Goan food fest 28 August 2012

    The jury may be out on Pakistan's alleged ill treatment of minorities, but Goan Christians settled in Karachi are gearing up for the ball of the year. On August 22, ethnic Goans from the multicultural port city will stir the...

    Keywords: Goinkars Own Academy (GOA), Goinkars Own Academy (GOA), Goinkars Own Academy (GOA), 000 ethnic Goans

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    God, International, bro anil denied permission in dubai, Christians

    Bro' Anil denied permission in DUBAI! 14 September 2012

    Brother Anil Kumar who is basically a Christian preacher was today denied permission to conduct an open assembly in Dubai. It is a general rule in the country that no religious preaching must be done in open areas. And conduction...

    Keywords: Anil Kumar, Anil Kumar, Evangelist, awe ministries

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    conversion, Ghar Wapasi, shortage of nuns fewer women devote to religious life, Christians

    Shortage of nuns, fewer women devote to religious life 11 April 2015

    Shrinking family sizes and expanding career opportunities for women are posing a problem for the Churches in Kerala, the state that sends the highest number of candidates to become nuns. Fewer women are now taking vows to renounce worldly pursuits...

    Keywords: nuns, Hindus, Hindus, Reconversion

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    Muslims, Hindus, map of religions reveals a world of change, Christians

    Map of religions reveals a world of change 04 April 2015

    Pew Research Center’s new projection, released shows the map of global faith and traditions and how they’re likely to shift by 2050. The report does not say anything about believers’ level of devotion or practice. “Demographics are an underappreciated force...

    Keywords: Muslims, atheists, atheists, Jews

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    Pagan festival, Pagan festival, birth of christ celebrated as christmas, Christians

    Birth of Christ Celebrated as Christmas 24 December 2013

    In fact there is no record of the birth of Christ from whom Christianity was born.  Gospel writers never saw him. Mark who was the earliest writer of Gospel wrote it after 65 years of crucifixion. But Christians have agreed...

    Keywords: Pagan festival, writer of Gospel, Jesus Christ, Birth of Jesus Christ

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    Christmas tree selection, Christmas tree, christmas tree which is better a real or fake, Christians

    Christmas tree: Which is better? A real or fake? 24 December 2015

    While many are concerned about the gifts, buying clothes and many more for the Christmas, a few would be surrounded around the thoughts of deciding a tree, from the two options – Natural and Artificial. While a few feel, Artificial...

    Keywords: Christians, Christmas in churches, Christmas tree, Christmas tree

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