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    Smart Phone Raises Share Value In Record Time 03 October 2013

    Don't take it as "A baby that drinks a tiger's milk became a tiger one day!"  Incidentally it was a baby tiger!   It's the time of cell phone apps.  But it is not an app that made a share...

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    New Technology phones, New Technology phones, phones and tablets to identify users by sight and touch, Apple phones

    Phones and tablets to identify users by sight and touch 02 January 2012

    According to the Sunday Times, software giants Google and Apple are introducing phones that identify users through sight and touch recognition, the Daily Mail reported. Last week Apple applied to the US patent office to register facial recognition software, so...

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    iPad Mini 5th gen, iPad Mini latest technology, apple ipad mini review portable with latest technology, Apple phones

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology 18 April 2019

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology:- iPad Mini holds a special place in the hearts of Apple products lovers. The first generation iPad Mini was announced on October 23rd in the year 2012. Realizing the demand and love...

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