Trend of sun glasses!

February 24, 2012 11:37
Trend of sun glasses!

Now, this makes me tell both health and beauty would definitely go hand in hand to a major extent. Though sun glasses are the major asset for us to protect our eyes from the harsh sun light, see the growing fashion day to day and n number of variety of sun glasses being explored. Well, here are some more suggestions for you to choose the best of sun glasses to make you look just perfect;

The key to finding the right sunglasses for your face is balance.

To find your best shape of sunglasses, try to flatter your features by balancing them out with the shape of your sunglasses. In other words, whatever the shape of your face is, wear the opposite shape of sunglasses. For example if you have a round face you should wear square or rectangular shaped sunglasses and if you have a square face you should wear rounded sunglasses.

In terms of size, you should try to match the size of the sunglasses to the size of your face. For example, if you have a small face with delicate features, smaller sunglasses are best. If you have a large face with bold facial features, bigger dramatic sunglasses are best.

An exception to these rules are those people who are not looking to balance their features, but instead want to exaggerate or call attention to a feature they like. For example, if you want to call attention to your small delicate features you could wear large sunglasses to make your features look even smaller and more delicate. If you want to call attention to a square or angular face, you could wear sunglasses with hard angles to draw attention to this feature.

If you have a particularly small or narrow face, consider trying child sized sunglasses. On very petite adult faces they will look well proportioned.

Lastly, think about whether the latest trend flatters your face shape or if a more classical style is better for you.

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