Pawan Kalyan speech

March 15, 2014 15:03
Pawan Kalyan speech

Pawan Kalyan started his speech with a poem of Balgangadhar Tilak. "Since my childhood if I come across with any problem, I remember Tilak's poem which gives me strength and courage. There is a saying 'To Live Greatly, You Have to Risk Greatly,' I never wished to have a lavish life. Whatever I did were kind of life threat for me, then I thought why these hurdles come! I realized that I'm not a coward I don't know to bow down before anyone. Because of the leaders in Delhi, our state is currently in its worse phase.


Chiranjeevi, still in my heart

Exactly five years back, I joined Prajarajyam Party [PRP] established my brother Chiranjeevi. Now the situations are different. Why will I go against Chirajeevi and why will I be upset with him ? It is because of the Congress party and their injustice, I had to come against all odds. I'm just doing my job of films and struggling in my dances but this Congress is not allowing me to sit idle.  My journey in politics ended in Guntur on behalf of PRP and then after I did not talk about politics in any platform. I never imagined that I would get into politics for power sake. If really I would have wished on behalf of PRP I would have contested as MLA or MP. I don't have lust for minister post or Chief minister post.

Attack on me

On 2nd of this month, I released a press note that I would talk about politics and from then on many leaders started criticizing me. Why is he coming now ? What happened in 2009 ? He should apologize to Telangana people ? Were the comments I heard. Why should I say sorry to my Telangana people ? And moreover it is between me and my Telangana people, why are you worried [indirect meant for Telangana Jagruthi president Kavitha]. One more Congress leader Digvijay Singh advised me to dissolve my party into Congress after some time ? Is it a river to merge with your party ?


Fought with Friends

When I questioned myself that are politics necessary for me, I went to my room and saw my three kids.  Again I questioned myself whether my country is priority or my people then I got the answer. Yes my country is my top most priority than anything in my life. Many of friends did not like me the idea of getting into politics. Director Trivikram Srinivas is one among them and even I fought with him and came here. Many said that I stopped Common Man Protection Force [CMPF] that I established long back but it is still in my heart, today it turned as Jana Sena Party. I met my friends who love the society and country, one among them was Raju Ravi Teja who stood by me. We discussed for 10 hours a day but never thought of launching a party and I'm not stepping into politics for the sake of money. There are no big business tycoons and politicians behind me, all I have is Raju Ravi Teja who hails from Jammikunta of Warangal district.

Lost interest in Cinema

I have lost interest in Cinema and presently I have only two projects. After that I may or may not act in films anymore. But I don't want move away from my fans and for this decision excuse me.

The incident changed my life

When I was kid, once a guy caught my sister's hand and teased her. This incident changed my life. There is no protection for woman in our society, government will protect only the rich and wealthy people and they are least concerned about common man. I always wanted to fight against these racist activities but don't know how to fight. From then on I started reading books on revolution, even I read the Telangana revolution books. Nonetheless, the anger in me grew and so I learned marshal arts. Then Yoga, still there is no change in me. My thoughts are always with the society and for my country.


I read Bhagat Singh Dairy

I read Freedom fighter Bhagat Singh Dairy. His sacrifice has inspired me, when many leaders forced Bhagat Singh to apologize to the Britishers, he refused and was ready to give away his life. He said my death would be useful for the next generations. I salute his thinking “your spirit did not die friend! I'm there.

Whenever I find time, I do watch the debates of leaders in news channels. During the Telangana bill debate  in the Rajya Sabha, BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu fought a lot for Seemandhra package. I appreciate his efforts. But when Venkaiah was asked about my political entry he replied, “ what a shame to the country”

Among the Telangana leaders I like Jagga Reddy a lot because he is only one who said and assured the Seemandhra people to live peacefully in Telangana region. One more Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao commented that I married thrice and what can I serve the people. Yes I married thrice but I did not roam around with 30 girls. I know people who do raom around and your Rahul Gandhi did not get married even once. If at all anyone who talks about my personal life then I will talk about Rahul, Robert Vadra's and many more Congress leaders personal life.


Please give detail of every Rupee

Today morning I read a daily, I saw Telangana Jagruthi President Kavitha demanding on apology to the Telangana people. Sister I will say sorry or not is between me and my people of Telangana. A man approached me and said he contributed something to your NGO and many of my NRI friends said that they gave donations also. Can you give detail of every Rupee of donations that you collected. How were the money spent and to whom were they spent. You Dad [KCR], brother [KTR] and Harish Rao will be abusing me from tomorrow and so you don't spoil mouth and time on me. Also KCR should teach the farmers of Telangana how to earn Rs 1 crore on one acres so that people of Telangana won't face any trouble.

Did rapes start with Nirbhaya ?

Nirbhaya was raped by four cruel men and the whole country went gaga over it. Many raped in Kanyakumari and Assam happened but none responded why ? And why leaders responded when a raped happened in the national capital ?  Swapnika from Warangal was attacked with acid by someone and the accused was killed. Is death the only solution. To renovate Gandhi Bhavan, the poor are evacuated from the Nampalli region and I met a woman of that place and she said boys would peep while her daughter is taking bath. Why can't a Gandhi Bhavan shift to Madhapur or Hi Tech city and build a lavish one.

Minor issues must be solved righ away

AP bifurcation is most complicated issue. Nanabhoy Palkhivala said if a minor issue is not solved right away then it becomes the most complicated issue ever. When Telangana issue came up, leaders should have solved it right away and now the way Andhra Pradesh was divided is ruthless. Neither Telangana people are happy nor Seemandhra ones. I don't find mistake in TRS party or KCR or Seemandhra people. The mistake is completely of the leaders who brought up the issue.


Why no cases against Hindu leaders?

When MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi made controversial statements about Hindu Community, the government took severe action against him and imposed non-bailable warrant. Muslims from old city came to my home and asked me why no cases are filed against Hindu leaders who give the most hate speeches. I used Che Guevara photo in my films, nobody opposed me but when I used Komaram title for my film, they called as an Andhrite. My friend Sharat Marar introduced me to TRS leader Shravan, even he objected me using Teenmar title for my film. A Kapu leader feared that the votes get shuffled in the elections if I contest. Who is he ? I'm completely against caste, religion and region.

Why Telangana decision was rushed ?

Telangana is 60 years struggle and for the past 12 years, the agitations gained momentum. But within 23 minutes, the bill got passed and the live telecast was blacked out. I'm not against Telangana, if the decision to crave out Telangana was to be made then, you [Congress party] would have solved it peacefully rather than provoking people from both the regions. The former Prime Minister of India PV Narasimha Rao was treated very badly before and after his death, it shows Congress respect towards Telugu people. Rahul Gandhi has ambitions to be future prime minister of this country but he should learn from his grandmother Indira Gandhi.



Ideologies of  Jana Sena


All the problems that I faced since my childhood are the reasons for launch of Jana Sena party. Law will be Law for every one, to protect woman in the society, to fight against environment and this will be a huge task and continuous fight. I put in all the money I have into this party. Jana Sena is against Caste, Religion and Region. I'm in search of those ones who will follow Jana Sena ideologies and I invite everyone with honest hearts.


I may or may not contest in the elections, I did not come to politics for the sake of money and I don't tolerate people wasting public money. I don't own television channels and newspaper to support me, I'm independent. Jana Sena will not encourage leaders who constantly keep shifting, I have respect for TRS leader and I'm irked by Congress. My focus is on present elections, expect with Congress I'm ready to work with any party and even I will speak to Chandrababu Naidu if needed. Will talk with each and every one and decide Jana Sena future.


Lastly Congress Hatao Desh Bachao





(AW: Vamshi)


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