80% colleges agree for moderate price hike

Aug 13 ,2012 19:40 PM
80% colleges agree for moderate price hike

To the relief of several lakh students in the state, over 580 engineering colleges in the state have accepted the proposal for a moderate hike in the college tuition of Rs 4000. This includes 80% of the colleges and according to this climb down, the fee would not bee changed for another two years to come 2012- 2014. 133 remaining colleges have not accepted to this newer proposal of fee hike.

Few colleges also preferred to move to court as the complete control in the affiliation process in held by the government.

A cabinet sub-committee met on Sunday and in the meeting more than 580 colleges have agreed for the fee to be set at Rs 35,000 per annum which is just less than Rs 4000 more than the previous fee of Rs 31,200. The pressure strategy of the government had coerced colleges into agreeing to the proposed fee structure on Monday.

133 colleges refused to succumb to the pressure and are demanding that the fee is made Rs 40, 000. They have also expressed difference in opinion to sign for the agreement of not hiking the fee for another two academic years.

(AW- Anil)

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